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Make Safety Welding Supplies a Top Priority!

Choosing proper welding supplies is incalculably important in order to achieve a successful weld, but when it generally comes to welding, there are other factors more important than just selecting proper welding supplies. Welding technique and safety is a major factor that should hold the upmost concentration before even getting behind the torch. There are a many different welding techniques, but none are better than others if you aren’t concentrating on safety while welding. Below are a few tips to help educate on safety do’s and don’ts when it comes to welding. Before even considering purchasing welding supplies, it’s advised you learn the proper safety techniques before you fire up your torch. Even expert welders sometimes need a refresher to ensure safety on the job site or at home:

You might believe you’re an expert welder and can easily cut without getting sparks near your eyes, but when it comes to cutting, every welder should make safety glasses their first priority. Cutting glasses may be one of the most important pieces of welding supplies that are often over-looked as important. Although the ultra violet light that is emitted during the cutting process isn’t as intense as in welding, it is still enough to cause permanent or irreversible eye damage if exposed for too long. Even worse, is running the risk of getting molten splatter into your un-protected eyes. When you’re purchasing welding supplies, make cutting or welding glasses a number one must!

Welding and Cutting Technique
It’s crucial to check the proper pressure settings and tip size for the plate thickness you are cutting before beginning the cutting or welding process. Relax your hands and roll your torch on your knuckles as you cut, and at all costs avoid dragging your hand across steel. Always make sure your tips are clean and in great condition. Replace your tips regularly to ensure accuracy and safety. has a large selection of essential welding supplies, including new welding or cutting tips.

When welding, it’s important to wear a welding hood that will safely protect your eyes and face from harmful UV light and sparking. UV damage is permanent and can lead to blindness. Like safety glasses, a welding hood should be at the top of your list for important welding supplies.

Safety products are almost just as important as the tools you’ll be using for welding. Always be sure to check your welding gear and tools before doing any job to ensure safety and accuracy. When it comes to welding, safety can make a job well done even more satisfying. For the best selection of affordable and high quality welding supplies, shop!