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Choosing Drum Handling Equipment

Drum handling equipment is extremely essential for a variety of industries, and not only makes the task at hand easier, but also helps provide a safer solution to transporting and moving heavy drums and equipment. Handling drums manually can be quite a task, and in most cases extremely back breaking work. Drum handling equipment helps avoid stressful moving of drums, and helps you more efficiently put your containers and drums in place. Before buying drum handling equipment, consider the following:

  • Drum size: Not all drums are the same size, and some are larger or heavier than others. It’s essential to take the average size of drums into account before purchasing drum handling equipment. carries a large selection of drum handling equipment that can help you more efficiently handle your drums, regardless of size. Many of the pieces we carry are easily adjustable to take size into account.
  • Lifting Height: Lifting height is important when choosing proper drum handling equipment. Some barrels can be almost eight feet tall. It’s important to take the lifting height of your drum handling equipment into account before deciding on a specific piece. The best choice for your drum handling equipment should be fully adjustable to take taller drums into account.
  • The size of your work space: Before choosing drum handling equipment, be sure to choose equipment that is not too large for your work space. If your work space is confined, it’s important to pick drum handling equipment that is small, but still durable.
  • Essential accessories: Not only are drum lifting carts important, but also drum sheds and storage options. It’s important to choose drum handling equipment accessories that can properly house large drums conveniently and correctly.
  • Weight: The weight of your drums and barrels is a large deciding factor when choosing drum handling equipment. With drum handling equipment that is capable of lifting over 1100 lbs or more, we’re sure you’ll find the proper equipment at

When it comes to finding the most appropriate, high quality, and affordable drum handling equipment, look no further than We take great pride in offering exceptional service, products and prices. For more information on drum handling equipment, simply contact us, and we can help ensure you’re getting exactly what you need. Shop drum handling equipment at today!