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The Need for Respiratory Protection

Health hazards exist in many workplaces, depending on the job at hand. The prevention of these health hazards is a major concern for both employees and employers. It’s important to know that hazardous materials can prevent health hazards in numerous ways by entering your body. The most common hazardous materials can enter your body through ingestion, skin absorption and inhalation.

Because many substances can pose a threat when airborne, respiratory protection is extremely important when dealing with hazardous materials. Hazardous materials aren’t always able to be seen by the unaided eye, and often can exist in fumes of gases that can produce a myriad of health problems and concerns.

In the United States, more than 5 million workers are required to wear respiratory protection on the job, but still a staggering number of employees are exposed to airborne contaminants each and every year. Not using respiratory protection while working around hazardous materials can lead to blindness, lung damage, cancers, asbestosis, and other serious and often fatal illnesses. The use of respiratory protection helps protect workers from respiratory hazards that often fall into different groups, the most common groups of respiratory hazards are :

  • Dust, Mist and fumes: These are often risks for people working in the welding field, or construction. Many other careers are also prone to exposure to these very common respiratory hazards.
  • Gases and Vapors: Not able to be seen, gases and vapors can be fatal if inhaled. Respiratory protection is an absolute must when working or being at risk around gases and vapors.
  • Oxygen deficiency and high temperatures: Higher altitudes can lead to respiratory problems! If you’re working at higher elevations or in areas with temperature extremes, it’s important to have proper respiratory protection.

Of course, the human body does protect our respiratory system through its natural defenses, but when exposed to foreign materials, not using respiratory protection can result in mucus and cilia pushing smaller particles into the throat where they can cause damage to the body, sometimes these problems are often fatal. At, we carry a large selection of respiratory protection that include powered respirators, face masks, filters and other useful and life saving respiratory devices. When it comes to buying the best respiratory protection, look no further than