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Storage and Material Handling Equipment

  • Material Handling

    material handling equipment

    Buy Material Handling Equipment Online

    When it comes to shopping material handling equipment online, Janeice Products Co. Inc. (JPC) can provide the widest range of products. We provide complete industrial equipment in a range of sizes, as well as their components, and small sized accessories. By offering all of these, we are able to meet every requirement of our industrial customers.

    Our Eclectic Material Handling Equipment Online Offerings

    Our material handling equipment inventory includes everything from mobile carts, hand truck, and work centers, to ladders, hoists, wheels, and stretch wraps. All of our industrial material handling equipment are designed keeping the safety of the user in mind. Customers will find that using our material handling products will allow them to complete various tasks quickly and efficiently. Given below are a few examples of the material handling products that we offer:

    • Hand Trucks: We offer folding hand trucks, platform trucks, rolling ladders, and step stools. Most of our hand truck products are constructed using aluminum. This material makes the products lightweight, easy to handle, and corrosion resistant.
    • Chain, Cable, Rope and Accessories: Our cable are designed with 5 to 1 safety factors. These are mainly used for pulling applications. Our S-shaped hooks can ensure that cables are attached to the application properly, and will not slip. We also provide wire chains for suspending electrical light fixtures and industrial scales.
    • Stretch Wraps: We provide film stretch wraps that are ideal to cover and pack boxes of different sizes. The stretch film wraps that we provide are transparent, and are designed using Constant Power Technology to ensure non-breakage, and consistent performance.

    At JPC online store, we offer material handling equipment at discounted prices, so you will get the most out of your online purchase. Website members can even provide reviews on all products, providing insights to new customers. Please feel free to browse and buy the various material handling equipment categories for more information.

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  • Storage Containers

    storage containers

    Storage Containers

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  • Bins

    storage bins

    Buy Industrial Storage, Material and Supply Bins Online

    Storage Bins are important requirement that needs to be met in any organization. Most industrial organizations require different types of industrial storage bins to ensure the collection and safe storage of different components. Why search through multiple websites to find different products? Janeice Products Co. In. (JPC) online store provides a complete range of industrial storage bins, which can meet your storage needs.

    A Variety of Industrial Storage Bin Boxes to Choose From

    We provide industrial storage bins in different materials and sizes. We have divided our offerings into four different categories. The details of these are given below.

    • Corrugated Bins:Our industrial corrugated bins are ideal for storing small sized items, and different types of literature in bulk quantities. We also provide corrugated shelf bins with dividers for items that are used on a regular basis.
    • Bin Boxes:These industrial bin boxes are designed using steel and plastic. The racks are made from steel, which can store multiple plastic boxes. We also provide medium to large sized heavy duty containers.
    • Stackable Bins:This subcategory comprises plastic containers and shelf-like mesh bins. Both types are designed for stacking on top of one another. The industrial mesh bins can also be hung on pegboards.
    • Storage Systems:We at JPC also provide complete industrial storage systems and supporting accessories. These products include bin dividers, interlocking stacking bins, louvered hanging systems, and wire louvered panels.

    These are just a few examples of the industrial storage bin products you can avail at JPC. We ensure high quality of products as well as delivery services. Browse our catalog and buy industrial storage bin online today at best prices.

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  • Boxes

    storage boxes

    Industrial Storage Boxes

    Whether you are working in a commercial or industrial organization, storage is one of the most important aspects of your infrastructure. It is important that you have the right types of storage boxes, which will allow you to store different items. Janeice Products Co. Inc. (JPC) understands the importance of industrial storage boxes. We provide a wide variety of divider tote boxes to meet the needs of small, medium, and large sized organizations.

    Eclectic Industrial Storage Boxes Offerings

    We provide dividers and totes in various sizes and colors. This allows users to color code their storage inventory, making it easy to identify and access particular products. Our dividers can be used as a single product, or can be compartmentalized using dividers. This allows users to store multiple items in one box. Here are a few examples of our industrial storage box offerings.

    • Divider Box Containers:These boxes are designed to support loads up to 250 lbs. They can be used for industrial, commercial, healthcare, and electronic applications.
    • Cross Stack Tubs:These divider tote boxes are designed to be cross stacked on top of one another. This allows for easy storage, especially in areas with less space. These boxes are designed to resist rust, cracking, and corrosion.
    • Nesting Dividers:These tote dividers are provided in standard and custom conductive materials. The standard dividers are offered in gray color, while the conductive dividers are offered in black color.

    Both the divider boxes can be provided with lids for safety and security purposes. However, the lids need to be bought separately. Please click on any of the products for more information and specifications..

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  • Cabinets

    storage cabinets

    Storage and material handling is one of the most basic, yet important tasks in any company. A cabinet is something that is required in every industry, as it helps in keeping different products properly in an organized way. Homes, offices, supply closets, and break rooms are the areas, where different cabinets are used. Depending on what is to be stored in them, there is a wide range of cabinet types, with each type having its own set of properties, features, and capabilities. Janeice Products, Co, Inc. is one of the most trusted, and well-known suppliers of high-quality cabinets in the US. We stock a huge variety of cabinets that are capable of storing different items or products.

    Different Types of Cabinets Provided by Janeice Products

    Be it an office space, or home, we have a storage solution for you. Janeice Products can help you with different types of storage cabinets, in both open, as well as closed configurations. Here are a few types of cabinets that we can provide you:

    • Mobile Storage Cabinets: The name says it all. These cabinets feature wheels, or casters, with the help of which they can be moved freely and efficiently. The mobile storage cabinets made from a wide range of materials, including wood, plastic, steel, and others, which not only make them secure, but also helps increase their durability and mobility.

    • Wardrobe Storage Cabinets: The wardrobe storage cabinets come in a wide range of designs and sizes, depending on your requirements. These storage solutions can be used to store products, such as clothing, and protective gear.

    • Flammable Safety Storage Cabinets: If you want to store inflammable objects, then opting for flammable safety storage cabinets is the right thing to do.

    • Industrial Storage Cabinets: These are the most commonly used cabinets in the industrial areas. They feature a heavy duty construction, and are made from strong materials, like steel. This helps you to store heavy equipment and tools in these industrial storage cabinets.

    • Security Cabinets: As their name suggests, these cabinets are specially designed to store extremely valuable items. You can store products, such as dangerous chemicals, as well as highly valuable office equipment safe from any possible damage, and also away from any unauthorized access.

    • See-through Cabinets: The name says it all. The see-through cabinets are designed in such a way that you can see the items stored in them even when the cabinet doors are closed.

    At Janeice Products, we are very particular about the quality of products that we provide. We provide a wide range of industry grade storage cabinets that are capable to serve for several years. All these cabinets that we provide are from well-known brands in the US. Based on your specifications, our professionals will guide you in selecting the right type of cabinet. To know more about the details and specifications of any cabinet given above, just click on them.

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  • Carts


    Buy Industrial Push Carts

    Material handling comprises transporting, storing, protecting, and controlling products at any stage of manufacturing. Material handling push carts are wheeled devices used to transport supplies within a facility or premises. Janice Products Co. Inc. (JPC) online store provides storage and material handling push carts to meet the heavy duty material storage and handling requirements of its clients.

    JPC’s Storage and Material Handling Industrial Push Cart Offerings

    We provide the following types of heavy-duty material handling and storage industrial cart solutions to our industrial customers:

    • Industrial Shelf Carts: These carts feature multiple shelves, which allow easy item storage. The shelf carts are equipped with casters and handles, which help in easy transportation.
    • Industrial Service Carts: The service carts are mobility carts, which are used to transport heavy loads. These carts are used in hospitals, manufacturing, and hospitals
    • Industrial Stock Carts: These carts are used to move and store heavy items. The stock carts are made from plastic, rubber, and various types of metals. Steel and aluminum stock carts have immense load capacities. Plastic stock carts are affordable and are popular choices. Rubberized carts provide long-term service.
    • Industrial Utility Carts: These carts are used when transporting equipment or office essentials to a new place. The utility carts are available in a variety of designs and material constructions. Most of these carts are built to hold bulky loads. These carts can be used in homes, office, or schools, etc.

    At JPC, we stock a wide variety of material handling and storage carts constructed from different materials and value-added features. Please click on any of the product categories below for details and specifications.

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  • Casters


    Buy Industrial Casters and Wheels

    Casters are horn and wheel assemblies that are attached to the bottom of a cart, or other equipment to carry lightweight to heavy loads within an organization. Industrial casters are made from durable materials such as plastic, steel, and rubber. These industrial casters are administered on wheeler trucks and trailers, drum-handling equipment, and dollies. Janeice Products Co. Inc. (JPC) online store stocks a wide variety of industrial casters and wheels to select from.

    Various Types of Industrial Casters and Wheels

    Industrial casters are commonly used in manufacturing units, construction sites, warehouses, and areas where material movement is frequent. The casters use various types of caster wheels made from materials such as rubber, metal, polyurethane, and plastic. We provide the following types of storage, and material handling industrial casters and wheels.

    • General Duty Casters: These are an economical range of casters, which are commonly used in a wide variety of general purpose, light duty, and organizational material handling applications.
    • Light Duty Casters: These casters are used with food containers, hotel equipment, furniture dollies, and more. They are available in a variety of wheels and load bearing capacities.
    • Medium Heavy Duty Industrial Casters: These medium heavy duty industrial casters are ideal for industrial, moving, material handling, and institutional applications.
    • Caster Wheels: Various types of wheels are used on casters. We provide the V-grooved caster wheels, which works best on trucks and floors. Also, these caster wheels provide superior grip.

    We provide the best prices – individual and bulk on all our industrial casters and wheels.

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  • storage and material handling containers

    Storage and Material Handling Containers

    Storage and material handling containers are used to store, transport, and pack various materials in an industrial setup. These containers may include boxes, buckets, crates, basins, bins, and more. Janice Products Co. Inc. (JPC) supplies quality storage and material handling containers, including various types of plastic containers to meet diverse material handling requirements of its clients.

    JPC’s Storage and Material Handling Containers

    JPC stocks the following types of storage and material handling containers:

    • Bench Cans: The bench safety cans are used to transport and store harmful substances. These cans allow users to stay safe while dispensing toxic solvents or liquids.
    • Waste Bins: The waste bins are used to hold waste and garbage in offices, and homes. The waste bins are available in various plastic material constructions.
    • Bin Boxes: The hopper bin boxes are used to store small items in a shop, warehouse, or office. These bin boxes are provided in various material constructions, colors, and specifications of customer’s choice.
    Benefits of Storage and Material Handling Containers from JPC

    The following benefits of JPC’s storage and material handling containers make them popular among clients:

    • Abundant varieties available under each category.
    • Price, design, and color variations provided for each category.
    • Recycled and user-friendly designs provided.
    • Best price benefits on bulk orders.
    • Quick turnaround times on all orders.

    At JPC, we stock a wide variety of material handling and storage carts constructed from different materials. Please click on any of the product categories above for details and specifications.

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  • conveyors


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  • cranes


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  • dock equipment

    Dock Equipment

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  • dollies


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  • drums & equipment

    Drums & Equipment

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  • forklift equipment

    Forklift Equipment

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  • hoppers


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  • ladders


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  • lifts / lifting equipment

    Lifts / Lifting Equipment

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  • pallets & equipment

    Pallets & Equipment

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  • work platform

    Work Platform

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  • racks


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  • shelving


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  • strapping equipment

    Strapping Equipment

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  • lift tables

    Lift Tables

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  • trucks


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  • wire


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  • work benches

    Work Benches

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  • personnel

    Personnel Work Platform Accessories

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  • hoisting equipment

    Hoisting Equipment 

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  • matting


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Storage and Material Handling Equipment

Storage and material handling equipments are the most important requirement in a manufacturing and other industrial storage units. Various equipment are used for storage, movement, and protection of goods throughout the manufacturing process. Janeice Products Co. Inc. (JPC) online store, caters to its clients in manufacturing, and across various industrial segments by providing a wide range of storage and material handling equipment.

Buy Storage and Material Handling Equipment Online

Following are the few important types of material handling and storage equipment in our inventory:

  • Storage Equipment -These are the non-automated equipment, which are grouped with engineered equipment to store materials. We provide the following types of storage equipment::
    1. Bins: Our selection features storage bins made from corrugated materials and plastic. These bins can be stacked and stored easily when not in use.
    2. Storage and Material Handling Containers: These containers are used to store, pick, and transport various items in large warehouses. We provide bench cans, waste bins, and bin boxes. We also provide various types of stackable plastic containers at affordable prices.
    3. Boxes: Our storage boxes offerings include divider box containers, cross stack tubs, and nesting dividers. These boxes can be used for electronic, healthcare, industrial, and commercial applications.
    4. Cabinets: Storage cabinets offered by us help users to quickly organize their essentials around the home or office. We provide mobile storage, wardrobe, flammable safety, and industrial storage cabinets.
    5. Material Handling Racking Systems: Our shelving units are regularly used in offices, homes, and various industrial set ups. We provide bin systems, boltless shelves, bulk racks, industrial shelves, and record archives. All our material handling racking systems are designed for harsh warehouse environments.
  • • Engineered Material Handling Equipment: These comprise a variety of units, which are often automated, and enable transportation, as well as storage. Our clients can order any of these material handling equipment in our selection:
    1. Conveyors: These are mechanical handling equipment, which are used to move materials between locations. The conveyor systems are used in applications where transportation of bulk materials is involved. We provide various accessories of conveyors.
    2. Cranes: The cranes are used to lower, or lift materials and for their horizontal movement. We provide a wide range of accessories including bridges, and jibs.
    3. Forklift Equipment Accessories: We provide accessories for forklifts, which are used in industrial set-ups to store items on shelves.
    4. Dollies and Hand Trucks: These manual equipment are used to transport items one destination to other within a warehouse.
    5. Drums and Equipment: This category comprises various equipment such as clutchers, and drum grabs, which are paired with other engineered systems to secure heavy loads while transportation.

You can browse through huge catalog and buy material handling and storage equipment online at cost-effective prices. We provide one of the fastest turnarounds in the industry. Click on any of the above-mentioned products to get their specifications and other details.


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