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  • Pumping Equipment

    pumping equipment

    100% best pumping equipments.

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  • pumps other

    Parts of your industrial pumps may eventually wear out with continuous operation under hostile conditions. Hence, for continual operation, you would need replacement parts. That is what you will find under the category ‘Pumps Others’. Here, you will find all products related to your pumping equipment that are unmatched in terms of construction, functionality, and durability.

    In addition to selling replacement parts, you will also find several products to enhance the efficacy your pumping equipment. By investing in the right accessory, you can do the pumping activities much easier than ever before. 

    Recognized Online Seller of a Variety of Pump Related Parts

    If pumping equipment is a part of your daily business, then you will find our wide selection of pump parts extremely beneficial. We sell garden hose adapters that help make secure connections between two pumps, and manual nozzles for high flow fueling applications. Our inventory also encompasses telescoping suction pipe to draw fluids from a drum. In addition, we sell various makes and models of Spinon filter, electric switch assembly, vented tank, and fuel hose assembly valves. These are a few out of the many pump parts available at JPC Catalog.

    Our pumps related parts are made to order and take about 2 weeks to ship to your doorsteps. Take your time to explore our rich inventory. We have maintained an easy-to-navigate website to ease your search and make an informed purchasing decision. 

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  • Jabsco Pumps

    jabsco pumps

    There are a variety of pumps available in the market for various industrial and commercial applications, and you can buy them online as well. Jabsco pumps are one of the most popular types of pumps used in industrial applications. These pumps are equipped with various features and have a huge application in the food & beverages, oil & gas, and sanitary & hardware sectors. However, before you buy Jabsco pumps online, choosing the right one based on your task and requirement is crucial. Janeice Products, Co, Inc. (JPC) is a well-known supplier of Jabsco pumps and parts in the US.

    Buy Jabsco Pumps Online At JPC Catalog

    You can buy Jabsco pumps online at JPC. We stock pumps with various features and in price ranges varying between $78 and $12,000. Here are some models of Jabsco pumps available with us, along with their basic features, and applications:

    1. Jabsco LH640-1890 Hy-Line Lobe Pump
      • This pump is of rotary or pedestal type. The body of this pump is made of AISI316 stainless steel, and has a flow rate of up to 108m.
      • It is easy to clean and maintain.
      • It can sustain pressure up to 220 psi, while its operating pressure is 116 psi.
      • This is applicable for pumping viscous, particle-laden, and sensitive fluids.
    2. Jabsco Pump, Flexible Impeller
      • As the name suggests, this is a flexible impeller pump.
      • Its body is made of epoxy, while the impeller is made of neoprene.
      • It can sustain pressure up to 30 psi.
      • This is suitable for spraying, draining, and filtering applications especially in gardens, water purification systems, and in industries for equipment coolant/recycling.
      • It has replaceable Viton impellers which can handle corrosive fluids, acids, alkalis, and particulate fluids.
      • It also finds applications in the pharmaceutical and food & beverage sectors.
    3. Jabsco 30520-2001 Pump Head With Motor Bracket 316SS
      • This pump is of flexible impeller, pedestal, close-coupled type,
      • Its body is made of 316 stainless steel, while the impeller is made of neoprene.
      • It handles soft as well semi-solid fluids without clogging and pulsation.
      • It is suitable for non-lubricating fluids and finds applications in pumping machine tool coolants, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, soaps, dyes, ink, and more. It is also used in the food processing industry to transfer semi-solid liquids such as chopped tomatoes and viscous materials such as peanut butter, ketchup, and honey.
    4. Jabsco 18680-1000 Sliding Vane Utility/Diesel Pump
      • This pump is of reversible rotary type.
      • The body of this pump is made of bronze.
      • It can sustain pressure up to 8.7 psi.
      • It is suitable for transferring diesel.
    5. Jabsco Hand Pump, 35 GPM, 1 1/2 HB x 1 1/2 HB
      • This pump is of diaphragm type and comes with a detachable handle and mounting clips.
      • The body of this pump is made of a certain alloy and has a double diaphragm design that adds to its safety features.
      • The nozzle material is made of nylon filled plastic.
      • Each side of this pump operates independently.
      • It is suitable for pumping bilge/gray water.

    Common Varieties of Jabsco Pumps and Parts

    Jabsco pumps range in features and functionalities right from normal transfer of water to handling viscous and abrasive fluids in industries. Jabsco has other models of pumps which include fire pumps, toilet waste pumps, submersible pumps, shower drain pumps, utility motor pumps, pressurized fresh water pumps. Most of them have applications in the marine segment apart from chemical, labs, paints, plating, and construction sectors. JPC also supplies various pump parts manufactured by Jabsco. These include the ones you may periodically need, such as O-ring kits, seat seal kits, mechanical seals, impellers, service kit with diaphragm and valves, and shafts. So, all in all, Janeice Products facilitates your decision making by offering technical assistance when you buy Jabsco pumps online. We enable our clients to avail from high-quality pumps and parts at best prices on bulk purchases depending on the application. You can choose from a wide variety of pumps and parts with specific features to suit your requirements. Do you wish to avail assistance to buy Jabsco pumps online? You can contact us at the earliest.

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  • Jabsco Pump Parts

    jabsco pump parts

    100% original and best Jabsco Pump Parts

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Buy Industrial Pumps Equipment Online

Janeice Products Co. Inc. (JPC), is a well-known online distributor of industrial pump equipment and accessories in the US. Industrial pump equipment products are designed for storing, handling, and distributing mineral, fuel, oil, chemicals, and water in various industries. At JPC, we stock industrial pumps and pump parts from leading brands.

Types of Industrial Pumps

Following are the types of Industrial Pumps:

  • Pumping Equipment: This category includes a vast selection of industrial pumping equipment from reliable brands. You can avail control valves, loaders, moisture separators, follower plates, drum covers, barrel pumps, rotary barrels, and a lot more. Most of the equipment in this category can be ordered as a single item or in bulk at reduced prices.
  • Jabsco Pumps: JPC is your trusted source of Jabsco Pumps in the US. We have a wide range of pumps for marine, industrial, and Recreational Vehicle (RV) applications. These pumps are known for their lasting performance, easy to install designs, and minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Jabsco Pump Parts: This category includes a vast selection of pump parts to be used with Jabsco pump. These include seal kits, O-rings, pressure pump impeller kits, and more.

Benefits of Buying Pumps at JPC

Following are some of the benefits of buying pumps at JPC:

  • Our vast inventory of pumping equipment and Jabsco pump accessories allows us to offer fast turnaround times.
  • Many products are provided at reduced prices, which allow our customers to seek world-class products at low prices.
  • We also provide various parts of industrial pumps in a separate category. These parts are ideal to use during pump replacements and repairs. These pumping parts can be used to increase efficiency and performance of pumps.
  • All our pumping equipment and parts are proven to provide unparalleled performance in the expected environment.

At JPC online store, we offer Pump equipment, Jabsco pumps and parts at discounted prices, so you will get the most out of your online purchase. Website members can even provide reviews on all pumps products, providing insights to new customers. Please feel free to browse and buy the various pumps categories for more information.


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