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Paper and Dispensers

  • hand towels and dispensers

    Get a piece of clean, fresh towel every time you need to wipe your hands dry. We at JPC Catalog stand committed to meet this requirement, hence, we stock a wide range of hand towels and dispensers. These products are the perfect solution for restaurants, healthcare facilities, offices, schools and industrial environments.

    Premium Quality Soft Towels at the Best Deals Online

    Shopping at JPC Catalog is easy and fast. Being an essential item especially for away-from-home environments, we ensure that hand towels and dispensers you have chosen will be delivered to you within the stipulated time. All the items listed below are available for immediate shipping and are competitively priced for everyday use. 

    Take advantage of our wide range of hand towels offered in various styles, designs and packaging. You will find the right hand towels that suit your environment by all means. Our centerpull and hardwound roll towels are designed for high traffic areas like restaurants’ washrooms and multiplex’s toilets. They ensure cloth like absorbency and are the most effective choice for your hand drying needs. Several options are available, allowing the customers to select the right item for their facilities.

    Our inventory also includes boxed hand towels. The packaging is waterproof and is designed for single paper dispensing at a time. This is the right choice for gym, school labs, and office cafeterias, among several others.

    Explore the Inventory and Choose the Right Product

    Hand towels and dispensers are the necessity, particularly in away-from-home environments. We understand the market demands; hence are offering a rich inventory of these essentials. Be it household roll, centerpull, C-Fold, multifold, singlefold hand towels, you will find them all in JPC Catalog with exceptional quality and competitive pricing unmatched to none. 

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  • dispensers

    A Wide Range of Stylish Designs

    What makes JPC Catalog prominent among other sellers is that, we stock several models of the same product, which in turn allows customers to choose the best according to their demands.

    Under the dispensers’ category, you will find simple paper towel holders and mounting dispensers to more specialized coreless double roll tissue dispensers, perforated roll towel dispensers, and keyless handle dispensers. All these models are designed to dispense one tissue at a time, minimizing waste and reducing the need for paper refilling more often.

    Explore Our Rich Inventory and Place Orders Online 

    As we said earlier, we have a huge collection of several types of dispensers. Each type is designed by incorporating unique features and specifications. Locating the right model would be a little complicated task. But, no worries, we are here to assist you. We will help you locate the right model that serves your purpose substantially. 

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  • napkins and dispensers

    Be it a cafeteria, fast food restaurant washroom, or a public toilet, a napkin dispenser is something that customers look for the moment they enter. Don’t’ let your customers ask for it, but keep it readily accessible always. Here is where you will find our service valuable. JPC Catalog is your online shopping destination for napkins and dispensers of varied styles. We are proud to offer you beautifully designed dispensers of the best quality for high traffic public facilities.

    What you are Looking for is Available at JPC Catalog

    A comprehensive inventory of cost-effective, yet stylish napkin dispensers is what makes us prominent in the marketplace. We are quality conscious and provide only those napkin dispensers that are worth the investment.

    Better absorbency and environmentally-friendly design differentiates our products with others in the market. High-capacity, one-at-a-time dispensing systems curb out-of-control napkin usage by at least 30%.

    The best part of doing business with us is that you will get premium quality products within a competitive price range. Be it beverage napkins, embossed napkins, towel dispensers, mini folded towel dispensers, you will get the highest hygienic performance. Our products are guaranteed to make any mess disappear.

    Hassle-Free Online Shopping Experience Guaranteed!

    Shopping at JPC Catalog is extremely easy. We have maintained an easy-to-navigate website, which is loaded with valuable product information. All product categories are displayed with pictures and specifications.

    We invite you to explore our inventory. You can choose the right napkin dispenser that suits your application. Place your order, and the chosen product will reach at your end with proper packaging within the stipulated delivery time.

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  • facial tissue

    Facial Tissue Range

    We offer over 75 different types of tissues to meet customer requirements. A few examples of these are given below.

    · Angel Soft Tissues: If soft tissues are your requirement, then we have the solution for you. Angel Soft tissues are premium white facial tissues, which can soothe the skin, and absorb moisture. These tissues are provided in boxes containing 100 tissues.

    · Two Ply Facial Tissues: A common complaint among general customers is that tissues are too thin and break very easily. To meet this need, we supply two ply white facial tissues. This provides the requisite thickness to wipe one’s hands and face. These are offered in convenient, flat pop-up box.

    · Puffs White Facial Tissue: These are cotton touch facial tissues that are designed to absorb any kind of dry contaminant. It is the perfect solution for home use.

    The moment you place your order, we immediately begin working on completing the delivery process. Most of our tissues are white in color. They can be provided in other colors as well. You can find all of them here at JPC Catalog. We are the number one website to find and buy facial tissues online.

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  • toilet seat covers and dispensers

    Toilet Seat Covers and Dispensers

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  • toilet tissue and dispensers

    Toilet tissue is a standard item used in restrooms of commercial establishments. Be it hotels, restaurants, or even multiplexes, bathroom toilet tissues have become essential items to help serve the needs of customers. If you are in this commercial sector, no doubt you will need to buy the tissues in bulk. This is where we can help. JPC Catalog provides different types of toilet tissues, as well as bathroom tissue dispensers.

    An Array of Tissues to Meet your Needs

    At JPC Catalog, we understand that every establishment’s needs will be different. This is why we provide six different categories of tissues, and one category dedicated to tissue dispensers. Here are a few examples to give you an idea of what you can avail.

    · 1-Ply Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue: With jumbo rolls, you will have extra tissue papers to use. These tissues are laminated to provide excellent ply bonding and higher strength. This also means that you will need to change the tissue rolls fewer times. These soft white tissues are created without chemicals, and thus are safe from any kind of septic contamination.

    · Coreless Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue: As the name suggests, these rolls are created with a small hole in the middle. These high capacity tissues can be used with the needle type roll dispensers, and require fewer refills. These are ideal for high traffic areas, where there is a continual need to refill the rolls regularly.

    · Roll Dispensers: In our dedicated roll dispenser category, we provide standard roll dispensers of various types. These are provided as simple plastic tubes, complete plastic units, and smart, professional units in different designs, shapes, and sizes. We even provide dispensers made out of stainless steel. These will certainly add a luxury element to your bathroom.

    The toilet tissues and dispensers provided by JPC catalog are all provided at competitive prices. You will not find a variety or range of products like this anywhere. Feel free to browse through the category to see our product. 

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  • wipers

    Cleanliness has become a norm for all types of industrial and commercial establishments. These places require cleaning tools to complete their maintenance tasks. One important item is wipes, or wipers. JPC catalog can provide you the same. We are the leading online supplier of janitorial supplies for various industries. If you are looking for wipers in bulk, we have a category dedicated to providing different types of all-purpose wipers. 

    Wiper Offerings by Sector

    In our wipers category, we provide many items divided into ten subcategories to meet the needs of various industries. Find out more about them below.

    · All-Purpose Wipers: We provide over 140 different types of wipes in this category. All-purpose wipers can be used at home, in factories, restaurants, and commercial establishments. We provide them in convenient dispenser boxes, rolls of various sizes, and bulk boxes and packets.

    · Automotive: These wipers are specifically designed to support cleaning processes for automobiles. We provide multi-ply paper wipers, which can be used for cleaning windshields as well as drying your hands. They can also easily absorb grease and different types of fluids.

    · Dusting: In this category, we provide wipers, hand-held dusters, and dust frames. The oil- and water-based cleanup wipers are designed with dust catching fibers to ensure quick cleaning during periodical dusting. They also comprise antimicrobial protection to prevent bacteria growth.

    · Personal Care: Customers can find different types of dust cloths and light-duty tissue wipers. These wipers have cloth-like softness, with superb absorbency. Our personal care wipers can also be used in retail stores.

    · Rag Replacement: This category provides Double Recreped (DRC) wipers to replace used rag cloths. These are heavy duty, strong, yet lightweight wipers. They are color coded for differentiation in terms of use. If this does not meet your need, and you still require rag cloths, we also provide reusable cleaning cloths in another subcategory.

    · Specialty: The specialty sanitized tool cleanup wipers range from delicate to heavy duty. We also provide touchscreen wipes for glass surfaces, as well as different types of disinfectants.

    · Utilities: For utilities, we provide 4 ply wipers in different sizes. You will find a variety of bulk items here.

    ·  Wiper Roll Dispenser: Browse through our dispenser collection. We provide wiper roll dispensers in different colors and designs (plain, open covered, etc.).

    At JPC Catalog, we focus on providing quality products as well as services. Once you have ordered an item from us, we will work on getting it delivered to you as soon as possible. At JPC Catalog, you can be assured of the item reaching you on time, and in great condition. 

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  • toilet seat covers & dispensers

    Toilet Seat Covers and Dispensers Offerings

    At JPC Catalog, we receive a number of enquiries from customers regarding seat covers and printed toilet seat bands. To ensure that we can meet all our customer’s needs, we have an online category dedicated to toilet seat covers and dispensers. The following are a few examples of the products you will find within this category.

    · Toilet Seat Covers: The eponymous product, we provide over 14 different types of seat covers and bands. All the covers can be installed with dispensers in most restroom stalls. Most of them are half-fold toilet seat covers, and can be fitted onto most conventional toilet seats. All the covers can be flushed down the toilet after use. If required, we also provide quarter-fold toilet seat covers.

    · Printed Toilet Seat Bands: These bands are used by employees to mark sanitized facilities. When customers see the band, they will understand that the restroom has been sanitized, and is fit for use.

    · Toilet Seat Cover Dispensers: Just like the primary product, we provide a variety of dispensers to choose from. Most of them are constructed out of plastic, cloth, and metal. We can provide complete bins, or half opened covers. The covers allow the employee to quickly refill the dispenser when required. A satin finish can be added to the dispenser material to resist fingerprints. Most of these products are wall-mountable toilet seat cover dispensers. Over 250 seat covers can be place in one dispenser.

    Why choose single or one packet’s worth of seat covers? Buy in bulk at JPC catalog. Our products are known for their quality, quantity, and durability. Contact us to know more. 

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Hygiene is everybody’s concern. Be it a public toilet or restaurant’s washroom, people search for napkins and tissues and they even get annoyed if they couldn’t find them nearby.  As the demands for papers and dispensers are increasing at a faster rate every passing day, how can we at JPC Catalog stay unresponsive? That’s why we stock a large and impressive range of products that serve your hygiene requirements. Under the papers and dispensers category, we offer several products that help increase drying efficiency and promote hygiene.

Total Facility Solutions at Smart Prices

With us, you will find hand towels and dispensers, napkins, facial tissues, toilet tissues, wipers, toilet seat covers, among several others. All these products are available in several designs to suit your environment.

Most of the dispensers we offer are designed to limit the number of papers that they can release. They dispense one tissue at a time, which helps reduce waste, along with minimizing the refilling rate of tissue rolls. With a selection of several high quality dispensers, we help our customers to keep their environment clean, and in turn reduce cross contamination.

Our range of dispensers is designed for comfort and functionality. Also, they enhance restroom appearance and are efficient, and worth for your investment.

Let’s talk about papers/tissues now. Available in roll or sheet format, the papers feature exceptional plushness and absorbency. In addition, they are extremely soft, which help in enhancing your hand-drying experience. You can choose from the variety of styles and designs of papers from JPC Catalog for use in high-traffic areas like office buildings, healthcare facilities and restaurants.

Confused? We Are Here to Help You!

Explore each category of papers and dispensers displayed on the webpage. We know it will be a little confusing for you to choose the right product, as we stock many. But no worries, we are here to help you out with the selection. To assist you better, we need to understand your application requirements. Let us know your application demands, and we will take care of the rest!


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