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    Scales or rulers that you use to draw lines, as well as measure, have limitations as they lack flexibility. You cannot measure everything with a ruler and hence buying a tape measure online may be a good decision. Also, having a measuring tape in your home, as well as office, always comes handy, as it is an extremely useful tool. There are a variety of tapes available in the market and you can buy them online as well. However, to buy tape measures online, choosing the right one based on your task and requirement is crucial. Janeice Products, Co, Inc. (JPC) is a well-known supplier of tape measures in the US. We source these products from industry-leading manufacturers.

    Tips to Buy a Tape Measure Online

    Buying a tape measure online can be daunting task, as there are several choices available. If your task is cut out, it becomes easy for you to select the right tape. Ask yourself a number of questions before you zero in on the appropriate tape.

    • Do you want it for your home or office use?
    • Is the surface you want to use it onto smooth or rough?
    • What material is the tape made of— plastic or metal?
    • What are the calibration units?
    • What are the various brands available and if they have any offers?
    As there is a vast variety of tape measures online, so answering these questions will aid you in making the right selection.

    Buy Tape Measures Online At JPC Catalog

    Did you know that tapes are available in numerous sizes and features? Based on your requirement, you can wall mount your tape. Other tapes, you can simply carry them in your pocket or handbag, or place it in your drawer. Normally, these tapes vary between one and three meters in length. Most of these are calibrated in centimeters and inches. Here are a few common types of tapes of various available at JPC:

    • Easy-to-read tapes, made of steel are calibrated in inches, have a groove to enable measurements on a wire. These tapes sourced from brands such as Anchor and Lufkin are available at JPC.
    • Wall-mounted tapes are ideal to measure the height of humans, if that is your daily requirement.
    • Most of us know the measure tapes used for sewing and tailoring or body measurements, which are made of fiber or soft plastic. These tapes by brands such as Starrett are available at JPC.
    • Ones we may have seen with carpenters, plumbers, and alike are usually the rigid steel ones. These are also used by architects and people at construction sites. They are sturdy and durable. Also, they can be stretched to longer lengths than soft tape measures. These are normally retractable tape measures.
    • Surveying tape measures of brands such as Lufkin and LS Starrett are available at JPC. They are used for surveys or measuring objects are robust yet flexible as they need to bend over an object.
    • There are laser tapes of various brands such as RIDGID available at JPC. These obviously do not have a physical tape or blade but they remotely perform the same function as that of a normal tape measure. They measure the distance between two set points with very high precision. Likewise, there are infrared tape measures as well.
    • A magnetic tape measure comprises one magnet at each end of the tape. When measuring, the magnet sticks onto any iron surface nearby, thus increasing the convenience factor.

    Factors to Consider When Buying a Measuring Tape

    There are many cheap brands available in the market; some of them may offer short tape measure lengths. It is also crucial to check the calibration accuracy. Going with known brands such as Anchor, Komelon, Starrett, Stanley, and Lufkin may serve your purpose better. These brands offer a variety of designs and features. Check for all these factors to align them with your requirements:
    • Brand
    • Blade material
    • Case material
    • Reel material
    • Length
    • Height
    • Weight
    • Width
    • Color
    • Calibration and units
    • Reel type— whether closed or open
    • Whether single sided or double sided
    • Mounting features if applicable
    Apart from all these factors, check prices and offers for comparison, reviews, and rating. Cumulatively, all these factors will help you make the right decision.

    Why You Must Stop to Buy Tape Measures Online at JPC

    The most obvious benefit of buying anything online at JPC is it saves time and energy to physically go to a store, and you can get the product delivered within days. We provide you all the assistance required to help you make the right purchases. Also, buying online enables you to compare products easily with all the specifications available online in one go. However, here are some other benefits of buying tape measures online, especially at JPC:

    • You get a better variety, multiple brands, and see all of it on one single screen.
    • Almost always, there are offers and discounts when you shop online at JPC rather than in physical stores.
    • You can shop at your own discretion and in complete privacy.
    • As for tape measures, it is much easier to read all the specifications on a single screen rather than looking for one piece at a time.

    So, all in all, a tape measure is a much needed tool to complete your hardware kit. We enable our clients to avail high-quality tape measures online at best prices on bulk purchases. You can choose from a wide variety of tape measure useful in your homes as well as business places with specific features to suit your requirements. To be able to make the right decision in a short time, buy tape measures online at JPC.

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Measuring and Leveling Tools

Measuring and leveling tools are used by drafters and engineers to measure small and large lengths of an area.  These measuring tools ensure the accuracy of measurement. There are many organizations that use these tools on a regular basis such as engineering farms, construction houses, etc. At Janeice Products Co. Inc (JPC), we serve these organizations by making available a complete range of measuring and leveling tools. These measuring and leveling tools are easy to use.

Measuring and Leveling Tool Offerings at JPC

Each category features several leveling and measuring tools, which will ensure you have the right tool to get your work done. Following are some major categories in our selection:

  • Calipers and Dividers: The calipers and dividers are used to measure the outer diameter of any surface. These devices can measure a fraction of an inch. There are outer scales on calipers that allow easy measurement reading. 
  • Gages/Gauges: These measuring tools can be used to measure everything from drill bits to a pressure. These tools feature easy to read surfaces, and can be attached to gas holding containers. The gauges feature multiple measurement systems such as imperial and metric units.
  • Calipers and Micrometer Sets: The calipers and micrometer sets are ideal for measuring diameters, depths, or other small measurements. Digital micrometer sets feature easy to read LCD displays.
  • Dial and Digital Indicators: The dial and digital indicators will allow your customers to inspect the work. Many tools in this category provide accurate information about angles and small distances. The dial indicators feature rugged construction, and are equipped with fewer moving parts, which ensure reliable results. These tools are easy to operate.
  • Finders and Scanners: The finders and scanners are designed to magnetically find the studs, nails, and screws behind the wall.
  • Micrometer Sets: The micrometer sets are used to measure inside or outside diameters, and depths in small measures. These sets are available in standard and metric units.
  • Tape Measures: The tape measures provide an easy way to measure length and widths. These measuring devices are extendable, resist impact, and can be easily attached to your belt.  
  • Inspection Mirrors and Magnifiers: These measurement tools will give you access to areas that are otherwise invisible to naked eyes. This may include inside of electronic devices, or engines. Inspection mirrors and magnifiers are used by inspectors, mechanics, and assemblers. They are easy to transport and comfortable to hold.


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