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Hand Tools

  • clamps and vises

    A clamp is a portable equipment that is used to hold together a variety of items. A vise is a solid set of jaws, which can be adjusted to hold materials in position. It is usually attached to a firm surface such as a workbench. Janeice Products Co. Inc. (JPC) provides a wide range of clamps and vises for various industrial and commercial needs.

    Different Types of Clamps and Vises:

    We provide an array of options in clamps and vises to suit your requirements. Following are some types of clamps and vises available in our inventory:

    1. C-Clamps: We provide c-clamps in different specifications, from which you can choose depending on your requirements. These clamps come in smooth, sleek, and durable paint finish. The clamps are made of forged alloy steel material for increased durability.
    2. Metal Clamps: We offer the highest quality metal clamps for your engineering requirements. The clamps have the maximum weight capacity. These clamps are made from durable nickel chromium steel.
    3. Tri Stand Chain Vises: The tri-stand chain vises available with us are ideal for working in restricted areas, or close to a wall. The vise features a heat treated replaceable jaw, along with a fully floating forged hook jaw.
    4. Quick Grip Forged Vises: This vise features Polyurethane-coated strap, which prevents scratching. The strong, woven nylon straps on the vise offer a tight grip. A quick grip forged vise is made of forged steel.

    JPC can provide the products you require. You can search for single products, as well as multiple items for bulk requirements. Click on any product for more details. If you have any queries, or need more information, you can get in touch with our professionals via phone on 877 655 3025. You can also mail us at

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  • tool sharpeners

    Sharp tools are very crucial for precise and safe working. There are a wide variety of ways of sharpening tools. Malleable metal surfaces such as mild steel, iron, and bronze can be formed by peening or beating a flat surface into a sharp edge, which incidentally results in work hardening. Janeice Products Co. Inc. (JPC), provides a wide range of tool sharpening products for various applications and needs.

    Different Types of Tool Sharpeners at JPC

    We provide an array of options in tool sharpeners to suit your requirements. Here are a few important tool sharpeners in our repository:

    1. Wood Tool Sharpeners: A wood tool sharpener works extremely well for sharpening large turning tools, and also provides a means to sharpen and hone carving tools. It is equipped with tempered glass wheels, and micro mesh P3600 honing material.
    2. Knife Sharpening Systems: A knife sharpening system sharpens an array of blades, such as fishing knives, pocket knives, hunting knives, serrated blades, and kitchen knives. This tool sharpener features soft, and adjustable nosebridge. It also has rubber temple tips.
    3. Diamond Whetstone Bench Model X-Coarse Grits: Diamond Whetstone is recognized as the worldwide leader in diamond knife sharpeners and sharpening products with a diverse product line and reputation for quality and innovation. We stock a wide range of tool sharpeners from Diamond Whetstone.

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  • pipe threading equipment

    Be it the pipes that are used in plumbing, mining, or any type of industrial application, threading of pipes in a desired manner is very important. If you do not make use of high quality threading equipment, then it is almost impossible to thread the pipes properly, which may lead to imperfect attachment of pipes. Janeice Products Co. Inc. (JPC) helps its clients with a proper pipe threading by providing a wide range of pipe threading equipment.

    Different Pipe Threading Equipment at JPC

    The following are some of popular pipe threading equipment available with us:

    1. Die Holder: Die holders are typically used for short run threading on shafts. The die holders available with us come at competitive prices.
    2. Tap & Die Set: These are the tools used for creating screw threads. You can select from different tap and die sets in our inventory.
    3. Tap Wrench Set: This tool is typically used for turning taps or other small tools such as screw extractors, and hand reamers.

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  • hammers, sledges, mallets and axes

    Genuine Hammers, Sledges, Mallets and Axes are available.

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  • reaming and deburring tools

    Reaming and Deburring Tools at JPC

    We have a huge stock of different types of reamers and deburring tools available with us. Following are some of our best-selling products from this category:

    1. Swivel Head Deburring Tools – This deburring tool comes with two interchangeable blades. As the name suggests, this tool has a swivel head that helps in deburring uneven or round surfaces.
    2. Conduit Reaming Screwdrivers – The conduit reaming screwdriver is facilitated with a hooded flat blade. This is beneficial for conduit fittings as the blade provides it an ideal no-slip driver.
    3. Conduit and Locknut Reaming Pliers – As their name suggests, these reaming tools are used to tighten conduit locknuts. This tool comes with a lifetime guarantee and is perfect for reaming rigid conduit and reams EMT.

    Beneficial Features of Reaming and Deburring Tools at JPC

    The several beneficial features of the tools provided by us make them popular in various applications.

    1. Easy to Carry – The deburring tools are small and pocket-friendly. They can easily fit in your pockets making it easy to carry. This allows you to fix the imperfections of metalwork projects wherever you are. If you need a tool for small problems, then a reaming or deburring tool is what you are probably looking for.
    2. Made from Sturdy Materials – High quality and sturdy materials are used to manufacture the reaming and deburring tools. The use of quality materials makes the tools reliable, durable and capable of withstanding harsh working conditions for several years. For better handling and fine operation, hardened steel blades and aluminum handles are being used.
    3. Offers Better Grip – The handle provided to the deburring tools offer a good grip to the tool. This makes it easier to eliminate all the imperfections. However, it is always advisable to wear industrial work gloves to better the grip over the tool.

    We at Janeice Products Co. Inc. do not compromise when it comes to delivering good quality products. The reaming and deburring tools available with us are manufactured by well-known manufacturers. Feel free to browse through the products to make the right choice. Please call us on 877 655 3025. You can also mail us at

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  • concrete and masonry tools

    Different Types of Concrete and Masonry Tools at JPC

    We have a wide range of concrete and masonry tools to help you with your construction needs. Here are a few of them:

    1. Trowels: We have a wide variety of trowels available in our inventory. You can select from margin trowels, trowel buttering, trowel SS pool, etc. These trowels come in different shapes and sizes depending upon their application and use.

    2. Float Magnesium Bevels: As the names suggests, the float is made from cast magnesium material. The float is provided with a strong and extra-light blade. Due to its one piece handle design, the float offers a good grip while holding. These floats are used for concrete finishing applications, to fill empty space, level edges, and smooth surfaces. We have a wide range of float magnesium bevels.

    3. Groover SS: These tools are designed to cut sharp grooves, and provide smooth finishes. Clean joints can be created with the help of groovers. This helps prevent cracking. Janeice provide groovers of different dimensions.

    4. Edger SS: The edger is used to create a radius at the edge of a concrete slab. This hand tool helps resist chipping. Select from the wide range of edgers in our inventory.

    JPC is capable of providing the products you require. You can search for single products, as well as multiple items for bulk requirements. For more details, please click on any product. If you need more information, or have any queries, you can contact our professionals via phone on 877 655 3025. You can also mail us at

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  • Hex, Torx and Spline Keys

    hex, torx and spline keys

    Different Types of Keys at JPC

    We stock a wide variety of keys. Following are the three major types of keys available in our inventory.

    • Hex Keys: A hex key, which is also referred to as an allen wrench, helps fasten or loosen a bolt easily. These types of keys are usually used in case of small bolts that are difficult to reach with any other tools. The allen wrenches are affordable and easy to carry.

    • Torx Keys: A torx key has an asterisk-shaped cross section. Browse through our website to know more about the multidimensional torx keys in our inventory.

    • Spline Keys: A spline key is the tool that is used for driving screws having a spline socket. They are furnished as Short Arm or Long Arm Series based on the requirements. We provide a wide variety of spline keys to suit your needs.

    Out there, are several reputable companies, which provide different types of hand tools, but JPC is capable of providing the products you require. You can search for single products, as well as multiple items for bulk requirements. For more details, please click on any product.

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  • Bending and Flaring Tools

    bending and flaring tools

    Different Types of Bending and Flaring Tools at JPC

    We provide an array of bending, and flaring tools to choose from. Select from the best-in-class hand tools such as

    1. Aluminum Benders: The Aluminum bender is fitted with a coil return spring, which reduces fatigue. The tool has laser etched markings for a better reading.  The over loaded rubber handles allow ease of use. The tool has dual ground cutting blades made of stainless steel, which deliver sharper cuts.
    2. Powered Benders: The power bender available with us has a four-point design, which enables the slug to drop automatically without splitting. We  provide these powered blenders in different specifications
    3. Prof. Flaring Tools: A prof. flaring tool is characterized by hardened bars for longer life. The quick opening plated steel bars allow easy insertion of removal of tubing.  This tool is made of hardened steel, and has a sliding pin handle.
    4. Plier Flaring Tools: This tool has an all-in-one design, which allows you to make professional flares. It has an adjustable bar mechanism, which allows six tubing sizes. This tool is made from steel, and is machined to close tolerances.

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  • drywall tools

    Different Drywall Tools at JPC

    We stock a wide range of different drywall tools for various needs. Here are a few of them:

    1. Drywall Tape Holder: A drywall tape holder is used to hold the tape while hand taping. The tape holder is metal plated to minimize rusting. You can get the tape holder at amazing discounts from JPC.
    2. Brush Double Crow Foot: A brush double crow foot is the perfect tool for most popular drywall finishes. The dual brush helps finish the job faster, along with offering beautiful pattern. White fibers contribute to excellent patterning, and long life of the brush.
    3. Pattern Pistol Gun & Hopper: The pattern pistol gun is made from aluminum, and is characterized by adjustable orifices. The steel dial face provides varying textures. The pattern pistol gun comes with a hopper.
    4. Banjo Dry Tape: A Banjo dry tape is used to dispense mud tape. It is mostly used for drywall joint finishing. You can avail attractive discounts on various branded dry tapes available with us.

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  • automotive tools

    100% original Automotive Tools available 

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  • Chisels, Punches and Pins

    chisels, punches and pins

    Chisels are tools with oblique cutting edges. These are bladed tools, which are mainly used for cutting different types of metals, woods, or stones. Punches are metal rods with shaped tips. However, the other end of the tool features a blunt butt. Chisels, and punches are usually used to remove bushings, and cutting steel objects. Janeice Products Co. Inc. (JPC) provides a wide range of chisels, punches, and pins for home improvement, commercial, and industrial projects.

    JPC Product Offerings

    We provide chisels, punches, and pins of different specifications, to suit your requirements. We allow our customers to select from the following, and more:

    1. Pointed Concrete Chisels: As the name suggests, these chisels are mainly used on concrete. Concrete chisels have a sharp tip, which ensures easy cutting through concrete. We have a number of branded pointed concrete chisels to choose from.
    2. Hand Cold Chisels: The cold chisels mostly find their application in engineering facilities, metal fabrication workshops, and a number of mechanical applications. You can choose from a varied selection of sizes.
    3. Center Punches: A tool is required to mark the center point before drilling on a metal. This marking can be done with the help of a center punch tool. These tools are made from aluminum bronze, and are available in various sizes.
    4. Drift Pins: These pins are used to align, or enlarge holes before riveting together metal parts. You can select from drift pins with different specifications.

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  • crimping and stripping tools

    Crimping, and stripping tools are widely used in electrical applications. The crimping tools are used to join two pieces of metal, whereas stripping tools are used to remove insulation from electric wires. These tools are used at commercial, industrial, and home improvement projects. Janeice Products Co. Inc. (JPC) supplies a wide range of crimping, and stripping tools to its clients across diverse industries.

    Crimping and Stripping Tools: JPC Offerings

    There are different types of tools used in crimping and stripping applications. Here are some of the tools available with us.

    1. Cutter Crimp PLS: These tools have screw stops that can be adjusted for different sizes of wire. The cutter crimp tools are used to cut and strip wires neatly.
    2. Armor Edge Cable Strippers: These tools have dual ground cutting blades, which deliver sharp cuts. These tools are made from stainless steel, and have permanent Laser-etched marks for better reading.
    3. Crimper Square FC: The Crimper Square FC tools are used for making square-shaped crimps. The full cycle ratchet mechanism of the tool ensures complete crimps. You can adjust the tool for required crimp size.
    4. Self-adjust Wire Strippers: The self-adjust wire strippers provide accurate, and fast stripping of electrical wires of varied dimensions.
    5. Jaw Pincers: These hand tools are mainly used for perpendicular clamping applications. They are made from forged steel material, which makes them highly durable. The rubber handles on these pincers offer a good grip.

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  • files

    Different Types of Files at JPC

    We stock a wide range of different types of metal file tools for various applications. Some of these are:

    1. Flat Smooth Files: A flat smooth file has a rectangular cross section. It is single-cut on the edges, double-cut on the sides, and slightly tapered towards the end. These file tools are used in applications involving fast removal of metal. Thus, is the flat smooth files are widely used by repairmen, machinists, ship and engine builders, etc.
    2. Flat Bastard Files: These are another type of file tools. Similar to a flat smooth file, a flat bastard file features a single-cut on edges, and double-cuts on the sides. By double cut side, it means that the file teeth are corrugated obliquely in both directions. These corrugations help remove metal quickly.
    3. Half Round Smooth Cut Files: The cross section of a half round smooth cut file Cross Section allows it to be used on concave and convex surfaces. These files are flat on one side, while rounded on the opposite side.
    4. Half Round 2nd Cut Files: These are special types of file tools made with a distinct hardening process. This process ensures the continued sharpness of the file’s teeth, thus increasing the durability of the tool. Half round 2nd cut files are most widely used for fine, as well as coarse polishing requirements.

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  • extractors and sets

    Different Types of Extractors and Tools at JPC

    We stock a wide range of different types of extractor tools. Some of these are:

    1. 1/2" Drive Stud Removers: A drive stud remover is mainly used to remove headless bolts. We stock stud removers of different specifications for bolts of different dimensions.
    2. Screw Extractors: These hand tools are used to remove broken or seized screws. Screw extractors of different lengths are available with us.
    3. Stud Extractor 10mm Rollers: The stud extractor rollers feature concentric roller bearing, which helps remove studs without damaging their threads. These extractors can be used to remove, as well as install studs.

    Advantages of Extractors

    Following are the two major advantages of extractors:

    1. User-friendly: Our branded extractors are easy to use. You just require a set of extractors with different sizes, and a drill.
    2. Strong: All our extractors are mostly made from tough, and long-lasting metal that helps grip the broken screws or bolts. The extractors grab these broken fasteners, and makes it easier for you to extract them by simply pulling the extractor, or reversing your drill.

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  • hand tool organizers and belts

    Hand tool organizers and belts are used to store and organize hand tools, and allow users to work efficiently. These organizer bags are designed with several compartments that allow easy storage of hand tools. Janeice Products Co. Inc (JPC) provides a wide range of hand tool organizers, which are sourced from industry-leading brands.

    Types of Hand tool Organizers Provided by JPC

    The following are few hand tool organizer products in our inventory:

    • Canvas Organizer Bags: These bags are made from canvas, and equipped with various compartments that allow easy storage of hand tools in different sizes.
    • Multi-Compartment Tool Carriers: These tool carriers are made from leather, and designed for tools in various sizes. These multi-compartment bags can easily become mobile tool carriers for people who use a variety of working tools daily.
    • Pocket Tool Pouches: As the name suggests, these tool holders can be easily contained within pockets. These pouches can be used to store small tools.
    • Plier Holders: These single-device holders are used by workmen who work with pliers on a regular basis. They can carry these holders on their belts or pockets.
    • Fall Protection Bags: These bags have heavy duty leather bottom that can withstand heavy carrying and rough use. The fall protection bags feature drawstring opening and a barrel closure. There is a flap that protects the stored items from dust-filled environments. These bags can be easily carried around using webbing carry strap handle.
    • Heavy-duty Work Aprons: These work aprons feature various tool pockets, as well as steel hammer loops. The heavy duty work aprons are ideal for people at a construction site, and other industrial projects.

    We assure shortest turnaround times and excellent quality on all products. To know more about any of the above hand tool organizers and belts, you can contact us at the earliest. 

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  • handsaws and sets

    Handsaws are hand-held tools that are designed to cut through some softer materials such as wood, plastic, etc. These tools are equipped with a hard and serrated blades that accomplishe the accurate cutting. The handsaws are used for home improvement projects, as well as workshops. Janeice Products Co Inc. (JPC) provides these hand saws tools to its clients in diverse industrial verticals.

    JPC’s Hand Saw Sets

    The following are a few popular hand saw products in our inventory:

    • Hacksaw Blades: These blades can be used for handling various cutting applications. The hacksaw blades provide smooth cuts, and are perfect for DIY, as well as professional jobs.
    • Coping Saws: These are the types of saws used to cut the intricate cut-outs, and external shapes with accuracy. The coping saws are usually employed for cutting shapes in the middle of a material. These saws are distinguishable due to their thin metal blade attached to the metal frame.
    • Coping Blades: These blades are used for making cuts in curved or tight areas. The coping blades are favorite with electricians and carpenters.
    • Compass Saws: The compass saws receive their name from curved cuts that they produce. These curved cuts resemble compasses, and are perfect for confined spaces.

    Benefits of Buying Hand Saws and Sets from JPC

    Customers can accrue various benefits by buying their hand saws and sets from us.

    • Branded Items: We stock items from popular brands which help us ensure a quality on all products.
    • Fast Turnaround Times: We refresh our inventory every day, which allows us to ship the products at shortest turnaround times.
    • Bulk Prices: We allow our clients to take advantage of our bulk price benefits.

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  • insert bits and holders

    Insert bits and holders are used to set nuts and screws in a place. These devices can be easily removed and provide various advantages. Hence, these devices are used in a huge range of applications. Janeice Products Co.Inc (JPC) is a leading supplier of hand tools in the US. We stock wide varieties of insert bits and holders from industry-leading brands. These insert holders and bits are highly dependable, and can easily meet your maintenance, as well as repair needs.

    JPC’s Insert Bits and Holders Offerings

    Our growing inventory of hand tools allows us to meet diverse requirements of our customers. We stock these hand tools in various head types. Following are some of the most popular products in our inventory:

    • Hex Screwdriver Bits: These bits have six points, and are suited to use with various impact sockets. The hex bits have sharp corners that help reduce stripping, as well as transfer more torque to the screw.

    • Torque Set Hex Screwdriver Bits: These cruciform screw drives are regularly used in torque-sensitive applications, and are very popular in electronics and aviation industry.

    • Philips Head Screwdriver Bits: The Philips head screwdriver bits come out easily whenever the screw stalls. This helps prevent fasteners from damaging the head. These bits are manufactured to the highest tolerances, and regularly used during mission-critical projects.

    • Slotted Insert Screwdriver Bits: The slotted screwdriver bits feature a single slot in their fastener head. These bits are used during various assembly projects in the aircraft industry.

    We assure quick delivery and attractive bulk prices on all our products. To know more about the insert bits and holders, as well as other industry-grade hand tools, please contact us at the earliest. 

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  • lawn and garden tools

    Lawns and gardens create the first impression about the home or premises. It requires the right equipment to produce the desired results. At Janeice Products Co. Inc. (JPC), we can provide lawn and garden tools to manage all outdoor maintenance projects. These tools are all sourced from leading brands in the US.

    Types of Lawn and Garden Tools Provided by JPC

    The following are some of the lawn and garden tools provided by us:

    • Forks: We stock a wide assortment of forks that can be used in outdoor maintenance projects. Garden forks are ideal for turning compost, and can be availed in three to ten or more lines. The turning and spading forks are useful for turning or aerating soil.

    • Mattocks and Picks: These hand tools are used for ploughing garden or weedy areas. Mattocks and picks are made from durable materials, which ensure their lasting performance.

    • Scoops, Shovels, and Spades: These are excellent tools for digging, and are regularly used by gardeners to transfer dirt from the ground to another area. Due to their sturdy design, these hand tools can be used over tough surfaces. Shovels, spades, and scoops can be availed in a variety of designs, but the common ones are provided with pointed or square tips.

    • Sprayers: These are used to spray insecticides or water over growing plants. These sprayers are made from polyethylene or other plastic materials that make them ideal for outdoor. Available in various designs, our sprayers can be considered for any garden improvement or industrial projects.

    We assure shortest turnaround times on all our products. This is only possible due to our regular stock updates. We provide best bulk order prices too. To know more about lawns and garden tools, you can contact us at the earliest. 

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  • knives and multi-purpose tools

    Knives and cutter tools are used by businesses that deal with shipping, mailing, and packing on a regular basis. Also, the cutter tools are also used in homes, industrial areas, and offices for various cutting purposes. Janeice Products Co, Inc (JPC) helps a variety of businesses to manage their cutting tasks effortlessly by providing a wide assortment of knives and cutter tools.

    Types of Cutter Tools and Knives Provided by JPC

    The following are some of the cutter tools and knives in our inventory:

    • Common Knife Blades: These hand cutter tools are used to cut through different soft and mild hard materials in homes and offices. We provide these common knife blades in assorted sizes.

    • Utility Knives: These knives are distinguishable due to their compact sizes, and can be easily carried in bags, and pockets. These cutting tools are available in various sizes with retractable blades. Generally, utility knives are used for cutting soft objects or packages, etc.

    • Precision Knives with Safety Caps: As the name suggests, these knives allow make precise cuts through materials. These knives are also used for trimming or stripping lightweight to medium weight materials such as plastic, wood, etc.

    Benefits of Cutter Tools and Knives

    The following benefits will help our customers understand the benefits of hand cutting tools:

    • Clear Cuts: Our hand tools assure clear cuts with their sharp blades. There are several knives with textured and soft handles, which help ease fatigue during large tasks.

    • Safety Designs: We stock many retractable knives, which can be retracted when not in use, and this will help protect users.

    • Tools for Various Cutting Tasks: We stock a large variety of tools including scissors, shears, and snips, as well as knife cutters. Multitool sets are ideal when you are moving between tasks.

    To know more about our knives, cutter tools, and multipurpose tools, or other hand-held tools, please contact us at the earliest. 

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  • multi-purpose hand tool sets

    Multi-Purpose Hand Tool Sets

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  • prying tools

    JPC’s Prying Tool Offerings

    We stock the following types of prying tools:

    1. Pry Bar Sets: We stock a wide assortment of pry bar sets. The pry bars are used during various activities such as removing nails, tiles, carpet tack strips, and studs. They can be used to loosen rusty screws, scrape of adhesives from material surfaces during repair processes, etc. With such a wide range of capabilities, these hand tools are ideal for renovations, workshops, home improvement projects, etc.
    2. Nail Pullers, Wrecking, and Pry Bars: We stock a wide range of wrecking bars, prying tools, and nail pullers. These tools are regularly used during construction related works, emergency repair, and rescue projects, etc. Our customers can select from a huge selection of crowbars, digit bars, entry tools, etc.
    3. Flanges & Set-Up Wedges: These hand tools are used during heavy duty industry prying projects. We can provide magnetic as well as non-magnetic flange wedges that can help separate pipe flanges. The steel wedges are used regularly during working on milling machines, etc. 

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  • pliers and cutters

    Types of Pliers Provided by JPC

    The following are the types of pliers available with us:

    1. Combination Pliers or Lineman Pliers: These pliers are types of pliers used for bending, twisting, or gripping cables, and wires. The lineman pliers are well-known for their better gripping, and cutting edges.
    2. Groove Pliers: These are the type of slip joint pliers with serrated jaws that can be set at various angles. These pliers are used by tradesman for holding and turning nuts, and bolts. Also, these pliers are used for clamping various materials, as well as irregularly shaped objects.
    3. Long Nose Pliers: These types of tools are used by tradesmen, jewelers, electricians, and artisans to cut, hold, or manipulate small components. We stock long nose pliers in various lengths.
    4. Locking Pliers: These pliers are used for locking nuts or bolts in heavy-duty applications. The locking pliers feature locking wrenches that help hold small nuts or bolts and lock them with equal pressure from all three sides. These tools are made from heat treated steel alloy, which ensures its durability, and continual performance for long time.
    5. Slip Joint Pliers: These pliers feature two jaw positions that provide easy access to tight areas. The slip joint pliers are distinguishable due to their machine jaws that provide maximum gripping, as well as strength. 

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  • putty knives and scrapers

    Putty Knives and Scrapers Provided by JPC

    The following are some of our best selling products in this category:

    1. Rust Scrapers: These tools are used for removing rust from metal surfaces, as well as work tools.
    2. Putty Knives: These knives are used to spread putty evenly, and they provide a finished look to any surface. The putty knives can be used over a variety of surfaces.
    3. Deck Scrapers: These scrapers are used for plaster/drywall finishing, as well as window installation applications.
    4. Short Blade Scrapers: These scraper tools are used to scrape stickers, gums, and caked-on dirt from floor surfaces. The short blade scrapers are of great use in any industrial and commercial organization.
    5. Spatulas: These tools are used during plaster/drywall finishing, as well as window installations.
    6. Triangular Scrapers: The scraper tools have pointed triangular edges, and are useful for removing stubborn traces, or stickers from surfaces. These scrapers have wooden handles that provide a better handling experience.
    7. Sidewalk Scrapers: These tools are used for scrapping ice or other stubborn stickers from sidewalks. The sidewalk scrapers are also used during home improvement projects.
    8. Ice Scrapers: These scraper tools are used to scrape ice from edges of windows at home, as well as vehicles. These are one of the most common hand tools used in homes, commercial spaces, and industries around the US. 

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  • retrieving tools

    Types of Retrieving Tools Provided by JPC

    We stock and provide the following types of retrieving tools:

    1. Magnetic Pickups: These tools are ideal for picking up metallic items or objects such as metal fasteners, sharp metallic pins or manufacturing components, or clean up shavings of metal. We provide power magnets, deep dot magnets, magnetic foots, etc.
    2. Hooks and Picks: These are high quality tools with magnetic tips that help users pick metal pieces, oil seals, and small components etc. Our inventory features wide variety of hooks and picks from different brands.
    3. Inspection and Retrieving Tool Kits:  The inspection and retrieving tool kits feature tools that help you inspect, as well as retrieve tools from hard to reach areas. We provide telescopic mirrors, lighted magnetic pickup tools, and various other tools.
    4. Inspection Mirrors: These retrieving tools allow easy inspection at hard-to-reach areas, which remain out of visibility. Our advanced inspection mirrors are used during machinery maintenances, or automotive projects. 

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  • pullers and sets

    Puller Tool Offerings from JPC

    We provide the following puller tools:

    • Flange Jacks: Flange Jacks allow users to apply immense pressure with minimum efforts while working with flanges. These heavy duty tools are used at pipelines. These jacks make gasket removals fast and easy.
    • Flange Spreaders: These puller tools are designed for separating ring-type flanges, or pipes. These spreaders are used in petrochemical, refineries, chemical, and agrichemical plants. Titan Flange Spreaders are designed with ASA raised face handles, and require only few sizes to handle various types of flanges.
    • Cotter Pin Puller Tools: These tools are designed for pulling cotter pins in constrained spaces. These puller tools are used for removing cotter pins from both – heavy and light duty industrial applications such as automotive components, O-rings, hoses, etc.
    • 2-Jaw Pullers: These tools receive their name from a set of reversible jaws that can be used for internal, as well as external pulling applications. These puller tools are ideal for removing pulleys, gears, and bearings that are fit inside a hole or on a gear.

    We provide shortest turnaround times, and bulk price benefits on all our products. To know more about our puller tools, please contact us at the earliest. 

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  • screwdrivers and nutdrivers

    JPC’s Screwdrivers and Nut Drivers Offerings

    The following are a few popular nut drivers and screw driver variants that we provide:

    • Screw Drivers: We stock a wide variety of screwdrivers that allow us provide you exactly what you want. Pocket screw drivers are user-friendly, and can be easily included in your existing tool sets. Magnetic screwdrivers allow users to work easily. We allow our customers to select from various head types such as square, round, hex-shaped, and Philips tips. There are also tool kits with screw drivers in several sizes.

    • Nut Drivers: These hand tools allow users to loosen or tighten bolts and nuts efficiently.  The nut drivers are distinguished by their metal socket heads. These metallic heads allow users to apply the right torque, when working with them. These devices will help to get the work done in the compact spaces. Available in a variety of head sizes, and styles, we allow users to select the appropriate tools for their projects. We also provide nut driver sets featuring best seller nut drivers in various sizes.

    Short turnaround times and attractive bulk price benefits are assured on all orders. To know more about these screwdrivers and nut drivers or other best-selling hand tools, please contact us at the earliest. 

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  • shears, scissors and snips

    Types of Snips, Shears and Scissors Provided by JPC

    The following are some of the popular items in this category:

    • Pocket Scissors: These scissors can be easily carried in pockets, or included in any existing tool sets.
    • Tin Snips: These hand tools are used to cut through sheet metals. The tin snips are made in USA, and are non-sparkling, non-magnetic, and beryllium-free.
    • Industrial Shears: We stock a large variety of these tools from various brands. These tools can produce V shaped cuts through hard sheets of metal and are equipped with anti-corrosive blades.

    Benefits of Shears, Snips, and Scissors

    The following benefits will be helpful to understand why these products are popular:

    • Produce Clean Cuts: Most cutting projects require tools with sharp cutting edges, which can produce clean cuts. We fulfill this requirement by offering vast variety of cutting and shearing tools.
    • Ideal for All Materials: We can supply these hand tools for variety of cutting projects. Pocket scissors are ideal for regular cutting projects. There are industrial cutters that allow users to cut hard wires, metal sheets, and pipes.
    • Help Minimize Down Waste: All our tools are sourced from trusted brands, which helps us ensure better sharpness on all products. This efficiency helps to make precise cuts, and reduce wastes. 

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  • scribers, pin vises and pick sets

    Scribers, Pin Vises and Pick Sets

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  • sockets, ratchets, adaptors and extensions

    Sockets, Ratchets, Adaptors and Extensions

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  • caulking guns and accessories

    Caulking Guns and Accessories

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  • splitters


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  • staplers and riveters

    Staplers and Riveters

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  • tool storage

    Tool Storage

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  • wrenches


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  • wedges


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  • asphalt tools

    Asphalt Tools

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As the name suggests, a hand tool is the one, which is held in hand and operated without electricity. These tools are specially designed to withstand toughest conditions on a job site. Hand tools are used in a wide variety of applications in wood and metalworking industries. Janeice Products Co. Inc., which is also referred to as JPC has a vast assortment of hand tools.

Power Solutions for a Full Range of Industrial Applications

Following are some hand tools available with us:

  1. Shears, Scissors, and Snips: These are the hand tools, which are used for cutting different types of materials. Shears, scissors, and snips are among the most common and widely used hand tools in almost every industry. From offices to homes, and schools to shops, shears, scissors, and snips are used almost everywhere. However, these tools have different applications. Scissors are mainly used when one has to cut smooth materials, like paper, cardboard, or clothes. However, shears and snips are of great help when hard materials, like metals are to be cut. Different types of shears, snips, and scissors are available with us.
  2. Lawn and Garden Tools: As the name implies, these tools are used in lawns and gardens. There are various types of lawn and garden tools, including striking tools, digging tools, pruning tools, and so on. Several lawn and garden tools available with us, include adjustable cone nozzles, garden hoe, round point shovel, bow rake, and much more.
  3. Crimping and Stripping Tools: The crimping and stripping tools are mainly used for working with electrical wires. The crimping tools are used to join two pieces of metal. It is done by deforming one piece or both the pieces, which enables them to hold each other firmly. Stripping tool, as the name suggests, is used to strip the electrical insulation off the wire. We have different crimping and stripping tools, including wire strippers, tube test plug, pliers, etc.
  4. Asphalt Tools: JPC is a well-known supplier of industry-grade asphalt tools. These tools are mainly required for making roads. We have a vast variety of asphalt tools available on our website, including, hot dipper, heavy-duty carry bucket, pour can, kettle skimmer, and many more. These products help make the process of road making convenient and easier.

Janeice Products Co. Inc. is one of the well-known suppliers of a wide variety of products that are useful for different industries. We have a vast experience in the field and make sure that we provide an unparalleled shopping experience to our customers. We have a vast assortment of products, including material handling equipment, storage solutions, breakroom supplies, hand tools, and much more. You can rest assured about the quality of the products available with us, as we only provide high-quality products from well-known brands. We have made available 24/7 online ordering service to our clients, which adds up to a better shopping experience. Are you interested in knowing more about the hand tools or other products available on our website? Please get in touch with us today. You can give us a call at 8776553025. Alternatively, you can mail us your requirements at


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