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Floor and Carpet Care

  • floor machines

    Keeping your carpet and floor clean, and in good condition not only augments their appearance but also keeps dirt and grit out for a healthy life. However, it is important to use the right methods, equipment and cleaning products that guarantee deep cleaning and superior results on flooring and carpets. Unlike the past, there are several innovative cleaning products available that offer unbeatable performance, ease of use, and increased operator safety. At Janeice Products Co, Inc. (JPC), we offer the most state-of-the-art equipment to clean even the hard-to-clean flooring that is stained with grease, dirt, and oil. Being a online destination for floor and carpet care products, we sell advanced cleaning equipment for use in warehouses, factories, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels and restaurants, parking lots, and much more!

    Types of Floor Machines and Carpet Care Products at Janeice Products

    The products we offer under this category do a better job by assuring quick, effortless, and effective floor and carpet cleaning. We have a range of essential products you need to keep your flooring clean and sparkling. Maintaining a vast inventory of highly efficient, industry-leading commercial floor care equipment at competitive prices, we help you purchase the perfect floor cleaning solutions for your needs. Explore the following floor and carpet care products we offer and make a wise selection as per your needs.
    • Burnishers: At JPC, you will find a complete line of high quality burnishers of several models from the top brands. Investing in these innovative floor cleaning machines is a cost-effective and easy way to clean dirt, debris and sand from your floors, which in turn helps to maintain the overall appearance with shine. Available in battery operated, propane and corded versions, they rightly suit the needs of professionals who take care of industrial floor cleaning as well as residential home owners. They are powerful enough to tackle any job, and are rated as the best due to their performance and ease of usage.

    • Extractors: These are the powerful and compact cleaning machines that as the name imply extract everything from the carpet including water, solution and any dirt, stain or debris. Get fast-drying interim cleaning in high-traffic areas by choosing the right model of extractor from Janeice Products Co, Inc. Manufactured with time-tested components, these versatile equipment are designed to withstand the rigors of tough work environments. With the combination of power, versatility and efficiency, our range of extractor leaves carpets clean, dry and ready for use just after the cleaning procedures.

    • Parts and Accessories: In addition to providing a full line of floor and portable carpet cleaning products, we also offer necessary attachments and replacement parts for floor cleaning machines and extractors. Choose from a large selection of floor and carpet cleaning accessories to augment the effectiveness of your carpet cleaning machines. With these accessories offerings, always be ensured that you are equipped and ready to go with the carpet and floor cleaning.

    Not sure about which kind of floor and carpet care products work best with flooring and carpet? We are here to help. Focusing on partnering with customers for mutual and long-term success, Janeice Products brings an unparalleled shopping experience so that you will return to us again and again! Email or give us a call anytime for more details on the product offerings.

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  • floor pads

    Cleaning is a fundamental task carried out at everywhere, be it residential or commercial. There are certain products that help clean the floor surfaces efficiently. Among the many floor and carpet care products available today, floor pads are the most commonly used products. These pads are made from high-quality fiber, which has high porosity. Janeice Products Co. Inc. is one of the leading providers of floor pads and other carpet care products in the USA.

    Why Buy These Floor Pads From Us?

    There are several suppliers from whom you can source these pads. However, the floor pads that we provide are known for the various beneficial features, such as:

    • The floor pads that we provide are made from material of superior quality. This allows them to deliver consistent performance throughout their life.

    • These floor pads, which are one of the bestselling floor and carpet care products offered by us are saturation coated. This is another factor that helps these pads deliver an outstanding performance consistently for their entire life span.

    • Be it any type of floor pad, all belong to the premium category. Thus, they have the capability to provide major benefits, such as increased productivity, better durability and an amazing cleaning performance.

    • These pads feature advanced design, which helps reduce the hand-arm vibration by a considerable amount. This has a direct benefit on the user’s well-being.

    • Last, but not the least, these floor pads are cost-effective option for cleaning, and are available with us at the most competitive prices.
    Different Types of Floor Pads Available at Janeice Products

    We can provide you a wide range of floor pads, and you can make the selection based on your application requirements. The following are some pads that you can avail from us:
    • Sanding Screens
    • Carpet Bonnets
    • Steel Wool Pads
    • Low Speed Pads
    • Ultra-high Speed Floor Pads
    Apart from this, we provide accessories, such as:
    • Sanding Screens
    • Utility Pads and Holders
    Applications of Floor Pads Provided By Us

    The floor pads that we provide are suitable for use in a wide range of applications, and this is one of the reasons that makes them popular. Some common applications include:
    • Cleaning
    • Buffing
    • Burnishing
    • Scrubbing
    • Floor Stripping
    For several years now, Janeice Products, Co. Inc., has been providing quality products for applications in a vast spectrum of industries. The floor pads and other floor and carpet care products that we provide never compromise on the quality, and this has helped us become one of the most preferred suppliers in the USA. We provide floor pads from various well-known and trusted brands in the US. Our team of knowledgeable and skilled professionals can help you with the floor pad selection process depending on your application requirements.

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  • matting

    Mats are an integral part of our lives, whether in homes or offices, or industrial setups. They are made of different materials such as rubber, fabric, and plastic among others. These mats are used on floors, beneath chairs, inside and outside bathrooms, main doors, and more. Whichever the type, they are important in terms of our safety and cleanliness. Hence, it is essential that we invest in good-quality mats and buy them from trusted suppliers. Janeice Products, Co, Inc. (JPC) is a well-known supplier of matting products in the US. We source these floor and carpet care products from industry-leading manufacturers.

    Mat Offerings at JPC

    When it comes to matting, we generally tend to think of floor mats. Here are some types of mats we offer:

    • Bath Mats: These mats are usually placed outside the bathroom, and are made of cotton or a similar fabric, as they absorb moisture after a shower, and help keep the feet dry. Bath mats made of rubber are placed inside a bathroom. They prevent the floor from wetting, thus reducing the risk of slipping.

    • Chair Mats: These are rectangular mats placed beneath office chairs. They prevent the wear and tear of the carpet, as we move and roll our chairs, while sitting on them. They are usually made of vinyl or polycarbonate.

    • Indoor/Outdoor Mats: These could be of fabric, rubber or vinyl, depending on their application. These mats are extremely durable in most environments with a lot of foot traffic.

    • Safety Mats: As the name suggests, these mats are designed for industrial environments, and they help keep the workers and machines safe. Many of these mats have features such as pressure sensitivity and vibration control.

    • Runner Mats: These are typically used on hardwood floors in corridors, lobbies in offices and living rooms. These are more like carpets, are durable, and can sustain plenty of foot traffic.
    We enable our clients to avail high-quality matting, floor, and carpet care products, and offer best prices for bulk purchases. You can choose from a wide variety of mats and carpets useful in your homes, as well as business places, and safety mats with features specific for the harsh environment on production floors.

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  • vacuums


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  • vacuums accessories

    What looks clean might not be actually clean in floors and carpets. There will be dust, bacteria, allergens or pollutants that you can’t see. You must wipe out such pollutants to lead a clean and healthy lifestyle. How would you ensure deep cleaning of carpets or flooring in a time span of few minutes? Vacuum cleaners are the best solution as they are innovatively designed to deliver maximum suction with minimum electricity consumption and no chemical usage. With constant and powerful suction, these floor and carpet care products rightly capture fine dust and fling it into the bin. At Janeice Products Co, Inc, we offer a vast range of vacuum cleaners of top brands at smart prices. We not only keep a large inventory of vacuum machines, but also offer several vacuum accessories that help add functionality and versatility to the machines.

    Vacuum Accessories Offered at Janeice Products

    Vacuum cleaners are manufactured with several stand-alone attachments. All these different attachments together contribute in the efficacious and deep cleaning. If any of the attachment damages or fails to bring the expected results, then there is an option of changing that part so as to regain the machine’s operational efficiency. At Janeice Products, we bring you the best and highly necessary vacuum accessories as listed below that are extremely useful when you set out to clean your house using vacuum cleaners.

    • Bags, Belts, Filters and Parts: Janeice Products offers a huge collection of bags, belts, filters of top brands. Designed to extend the life of your machine, these accessories help maintain your vacuum cleaner in tip-top shape. Shop our best-selling vacuum parts and accessories at exciting offers for hard-to-reach and detailed cleaning jobs.

    • Sweepers: Economical, clean and efficient sweepers can be attached to your vacuum machines to assure maximum sweeping performance. Find the vacuum parts you need to beat the dirt out of the carpets and flooring the easiest manner. There are several models available to improve the efficiency, reach and cleaning power of your current vacuum cleaner.
    This selection of accessories is meant for the repair and maintenance of your vacuum cleaners. All the products listed under this category are also designed to assure maximum cleaning performance. If you would like to know more about the accessory offerings, give us a call on the toll-free no at 877 655 3025. With exceptional customer service, we help you understand the products better, which in turn helps you make a wise purchase.

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Floor and Carpet Care

Cleaning carpets and floors are difficult task in homes, offices, and other industrial setups. Janice Products Co. Inc. helps its clients achieve cleaning perfection by providing a vast range of floor and carpet care products.

Floor and Carpet Care Products Provided by JPC

Our selection comprises the following floor and carpet care products:

  • Floor Pads: The floor pads are used to clean, scrub, and buff different types of floors. We provide carpet bonnets, sanding screens, standard, low speed, and ultra-high speed floor pads. The steel-wood pads allow for easy cleaning. The utility pads and holders make floor cleaning easier in homes, and offices.
  • Floor Machines: The floor machines will make cleaning easy in any facility. They are ideal for tile, wood, plastic, and other floor types. Our selection features burnishers, extractors, and various other types of floor machines. We can provide parts and accessories of all these automated floor machines.
  • Mats: We provide special floor mats, which trap salt, dust, water, mud, and sand in their channels, and helps keep an area or premises clean. We provide various types of bath, indoor/outdoor, chair, and safety mats. These industrial grade runner mats are made for harsh industrial environments.
  • Vacuum Machines: We provide a wide range of industry-grade vacuum machines including air movers, backpackers, commercial uprights, canister, and dust cup upright, cordless, household, and wet/dry models. These machines help keep dust, grime, and moisture out in various work environments.
  • Vacuum Accessories: Vacuum machines may not work properly due to non-functioning accessories. We help our clients to sort out non-functioning issues of their vacuum machines by providing various vacuum accessories.

We provide best price benefits on all our products. Please click on any of the product categories for product and price details, as well as specifications.


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