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Chemicals, Lubricants and Paints

  • Cleaning Products

    cleaning products

    Large Cleaning Product Range for Customers to Choose From

    Our cleaning product range includes over 300 products, including well-known brands in different types of containers. We even provide many well-known products in small packets for light duty cleaning. Customers can purchase these products for individual as well as bulk purposes. Given below are a few examples of our cleaning products.

    • Solvent Degreaser: These products are provided in wet and dry tandem packs, oz. bottles, and 1 gallon bottles. Solvent degreasers are perfect for removing grease and other contaminants from engine components, machine parts, and other types of major equipment.
    • Varnish Remover: These products can be used on a variety of wooden and home furniture. They are also a good choice when it comes to garden supplies and equipment. Varnish removers are provide with spray sticks to ensure accurate application and no wastage.
    • Solvents: We provide non-ozone depleting solvents. These are used to remove oil, sludge, and grease on industrial equipment. We provide these solvents in easy-to-use and store cans.

    Whether you are looking for a single product, or items to be bought in bulk, JPC can provide the solutions you need. Please peruse through the product list to know more about our cleaning product offerings.

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  • Paint and Paint Supplies

    paint and paint supplies

    Paint and Paint Supply Offerings at Janice Products

    From high-quality bristle brushes to special spray equipment, JPC can provide you supplies needed for a professional finish. Given below are a few of our paint and paint supplies product offerings.

    • Paints: We provide a comprehensive variety of exterior paints for your walls, vehicles, and industrial equipment. These paints have the ability to withstand weather, and protect the surface for a long time.
    • Paint Applicators and Accessories: Any paint coating project is incomplete without a proper applicator or accessory. Our selection features a variety of rollers, brushes, extension poles, and trays required to achieve a professional look.
    • Abrasives: These items are used to prepare surfaces before painting. Abrasives are used to sand surfaces coated with shiny, and glossy paints, or uneven surfaces. We provide a great selection of abrasives for a variety of industrial applications.
    • Cleaning, Solvents, and Surface Preparation: We provide a vast variety of cleaning agents, solvents, and surface preparation items to ensure surfaces are properly treated prior to painting.

    At JPC, we provide a comprehensive variety of paint and paint supplies from well-known brands at quantities and specifications to suit your industry needs. Please click on any of the products for details and specifications.

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  • Car Waxes, Polishes and Protectants

    car waxes, polishes and protectants

    Car Waxes, Polishes, and Protectants Offerings at Janice Products

    JPC is committed to delivering world-class car care products to meet the high expectations of car consumers and the automotive industry. Given below are some of the car protection products available at JPC.

    • Car Waxes: These are pastes or liquids, which are used to create a glossy and wet shine. The car waxes are easier to apply than many other car detailing products. The car waxes are applied to car exterior, tires, etc.
    • Protectants: These car detailing items are also known as paint sealants. These protectants create a strong molecular barrier on the painted surface. Our selection features Armor All, which is one of the popular paint protectants.
    • Car Shampoos: These are ultra-concentrated liquid detergents, which are used to remove film, and salt deposits from the car surface.
    • Car Washes: These are formulated with high quality synthetic detergents, and comprise alkaline builders, soil emulsifiers, water softeners, and various other chemical ingredients.

    At JPC, customers can find car detailing products from various well-known brands in the US. We provide best individual and bulk prices on all our products. Please click on any car care product to find more technical details.

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  • Lubricants and Penetrants

    lubricants and penetrants

    Types of Industrial Lubricants and Penetrants Provided by JPC

    Industrial Lubricants and Penetrants are designed to increase the performance of industrial equipment. JPC’s high-quality industrial lubricants, and penetrants are packed into plastic tubes, bottles, and aerosols. These chemical anti-friction agents allow you to protect numerous mechanical components from damage, improve their service lives, and save time, and money. The following are some examples of products in our inventory:

    • Chain and Cable Lubricants: These industrial lubricants are ideal to lubricate rollers, bushings, and chains in industrial equipment, and devices. These chemical agents help avoid corrosion inducing moisture on chains, and cables.
    • Penetrants: These chemical agents are applied onto the surface of rusted, or corroded parts. The chemical elements present in these penetrating agents help reduce corrosion and rust, brought by moisture, fruit acids, alkali, and electrolysis. We stock a vast variety of synthetic and biodegradable penetrants.
    • Tools and Accessories: We provide a variety of tools and accessories, which are specifically designed to protect the user’s hands. For example, the grease guns are used to apply these penetrants, and lubricants on industrial machinery.

    At JPC, customers can find industrial lubricants online and penetrants from well-known brands in America. You can avail these products in individual and bulk quantities at competitive prices. Please click on any product to find more technical details.

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  • chemicals, lubricants and paints other

    Types of Chemicals, Lubricants, and Paint Products Provided by JPC

    JPC provides a wide range of chemical products for cleaning and surface protection. Our clients can easily select from:

    • Lubricants and Penetrants: The lubricants and penetrants feature special elements, which help protect your household and industrial equipment. These chemical products also help reduce wear, heat, and friction on surfaces.
    • Paint Products: The paint products are ideal for residential, and industry applications. Our branded paint products guarantee long-lasting results. We stock everything from commercial and industrial paints to paint rollers, and other paint accessories.
    • Cleaning Products: Our cleaning products can meet diverse and complex industrial cleaning requirements. These products can remove grime, dust, and grease from the floor and equipment surfaces. These products are formulated for professional cleaning tasks.
    • Specialty Products: These comprise special types of layout fluids and sprays, which are used for specific cleaning, and protection purposes. These products are ideal for most industrial applications, and provide accurate results.

    At JPC, we stock a wide variety of commercial and industrial cleaning products, degreasers, paints, and paint accessories and other chemical agents. We support our customers with best price benefits. Please click on any of the product categories for product and price details, as well as specifications.

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  • Insect and Weed Controlling Products

    insect and weed controlling products

    JPC’s Offerings of Insect and Weed Controlling Products

    We provide a vast variety of pest control products for insect and weed control. Our customers can select from:

    • Weed Controlling Products: These industry-grade products help lawn and garden owners to get rid of weeds in their premises. These specially formulated products not only remove the existing weed vegetation, but also help curb their re-growth. These products are not known to affect other vegetation.
    • Insect Controlling Products: These insect controlling products can immediately kill insects such as hornets, bees, yellow jackets and wasps when they come in contact with the spray. Many of these sprays are non-conductive up to the limit of 47, 3000 volts.
    • Spectracide: These fast-acting products are designed for outdoor use, and allow lawn and garden owners to tame weeds and bugs easily.
    • Bugs Control Products: These include various types of bug control products. These products can be used outdoor or industrial facilities to control bugs affecting stored crops, or other industrial products. The bug control products are one of the most popular items in our stock.
    Advantages of JPC’s Insect and Weed Control Products

    Following are the few advantages of our weed and insect control products:

    1. Ready-to-use sprays produce fast results
    2. Cause no damage to insulating materials and plastic connectors
    3. Most sprays can reach 20 feet and drench harmful insects as well as their nests
    4. We provide attractive price benefits on bulk orders
    Please click on any of the product categories for product and price details as well as specifications.

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  • Leak Detectors and Penetrants

    leak detectors and penetrants

    Shop for Leak Detectors & Penetrants Online At Janeice Products Co. Inc.

    Ensure that your facility and equipment are safe from leaks, cracks, and holes with the extensive range of non-toxic, non-flammable leak detectors and penetrants available at Janeice Products Co. Inc. (JPC). Various workplace accidents like fire and contamination can be easily prevented with these products.

    At JPC, we source only the highest quality products to help our customers find and rectify leaks efficiently. Also, the leak detectors and penetrants available on our website are easy and safe to use. Moreover, they can be used in applications with harsh work environments and extreme temperatures. We carry products of various trustworthy brands such as Anchor, Fault-Finder, Dynaflux, Spotcheck, Magnaflux, PT Technologies, and more.

    We have products like DNF developer, CF cleaner, CNF cleaner, PHF penetrant, gas leak detector, etc. All these products are provided in different packaging like containers, spray cans, bottles, buckets, and kits. So, you can choose a suitable product and packaging depending on your needs.

    If you require any more information regarding the leak detectors and penetrants offered on our website, feel free to contact us. You can email us at, or call on our toll-free no. 877 655 3025 from Monday to Friday between 8AM to 5PM EST.

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  • Specialty Products

    specialty products

    Buy Specialty Products Online at Janeice Products Co. Inc.

    Apart from the standard products, we at JPC also source an array of specialty products, which can meet the special requirements of our customers. Our customers actively seek to purchase these products because of their unique characteristics and brand value. Moreover, all the products at JPC are reasonably priced to allow you fulfil your specific needs without making a dent in your wallet. At JPC, you will find special chemical products of top brands such as Gasoila, Dykem, Kolor Kut, Pyroil, Nissen, etc.

    Range of Specialty Products at JPC

    For the customer’s convenience, we have classified our top selling unique products into a dedicated category called specialty products. The selection of specialty products at JPC includes:

    • Layout fluids
    • Metal coatings
    • Circuit coolers
    • Industrial pastes
    • Gas gauging paste
    • Anti-freeze sprays
    • Water finding pastes
    • Paints and lubricants

    Why Buy Specialty Products at JPC’s Online Marketplace?

    We offer a wide range of specialty products online to help a variety of industries carry out their unique tasks with ease. Moreover, all the products listed on our portal are 100% original and sourced from the most trusted brands and sellers. Also, we offer quick delivery, and an easy return policy, for all products purchased through our website. Moreover, we fulfil bulk requirements with high priority. High quality products at the most reasonable prices, is the foremost reason for JPC’s success in the online marketplace.

    For more information and bulk orders of the specialty products available at JPC, call on our toll-free no. 877 655 3025 from Monday to Friday, between 8AM to 5PM EST. You can also reach us via email at

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High Performance Industrial Lubricants for Diverse Applications

Our range of chemicals, lubricants & paints includes lubricants & penetrants, paint & paint supplies, insect & weed controlling products, cleaning products, specialty products, car waxes, polishes & protectants, leak detectors & penetrants and much more.

JpcCatalog is one of the best sources you can rely upon for a wide range of industrial lubricant products. By providing high performance lubricants made of highly refined and synthetic base oils and proprietary additives, we have achieved a substantial competitive advantage in the market. Partnering with us brings you not only lubricants of finest quality but also provides you a substantial cost-effectiveness.

Benefit from our Chemical, Lubricant, and Paint Categories

You can find products of various brands, types, sizes, and prices within each category. The products consist of various beneficial features that can support users and applications.

Car Waxes, Polishes, and Protectants: Our car waxes, polishes, and protectants are designed for ease of use and long-lasting results. You can choose the optimum product type from liquids, powders, foams, sprays, and pastes. The products are also manufactured with specialized formulas to protect metals, vinyl, rubber, and plastics.

Cleaning Products: We offer more than 350 cleaning products in different types from hoppers, utility trucks, and sweepers, to sprays, cleaning solutions, and complete liquid dispensing systems. The hoppers are available in a variety of designs, sizes, and colors. The cleaning solutions are designed to remove grease, oil, ink, and paint. They can be used on a variety of components such as engines, tools, machinery, vents, mowers, and conveyors, as well as areas like walls and floors.

Insect and Weed Controlling Products: The insect control products have the capabilities to kill a variety of insects like bees, flies, cockroaches, wasps, and hornets. They won’t cause any damages to surfaces like metal, plastic, Noryl, ABS and Lexan. Many sprays can reach over 20 feet to effectively kill insects.

Leak Detectors and Penetrants: The solutions and solvents in this category are designed to quickly locate cracks and other defects in metal, plastic, and glass surfaces. Many solvents are non-flammable, and are available in standard and nuclear grades. Most of the products are available in the form of aerosol sprays. However, we also provide complete leak detection and testing kits.

Lubricants and Penetrants: We provide a wide range of over 1,000 industrial lubricants and penetrants. You can choose the most appropriate product depending on its features, which include resistance to acid and water, anti-seizing compounds, and even rust dissolving technologies. All the lubricant products can be used in harsh environmental applications with extreme weathers and temperatures.

Paint and Paint Suppliers: We at JPC provide paint solvents and pastes, as well as ancillary products. The paint products are versatile as they can be applied using brushing, spraying and shaping techniques. Our ancillary products can be used in various paint applications. Some of the most popular items we provide include spray socks, paint brushes, air and fluid nozzles, fluid needles, and paint gun repair kits.

Specialty Products: Apart from these standard products, we at JPC catalog also offer specialty products, which can meet custom application requirements. The product list includes sprays, fluids, and pastes that can meet requirements like anti-freeze, metal coatings, gas gauging, circuit coolers, and water finding pastes for petroleum fuels.

At JPC Catalog, we are dedicated to providing you the widest range of lubricants and accessories, which can help you protect industrial products, and support specific applications. Click on the subcategory to look for the right type of lubricant for your application. If you need more information, please feel free to contact us. 


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