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Chemicals & Janitorial Supply

  • chemicals

    Types of Chemical Cleaners Provided by JPC

    The following are a few of our bestseller chemical cleaning products:

    • Auto Care Cleaners: These products are used to clean automobile surfaces. Our selection includes products like car wash concentrate, auto protectant wipes, brake cleaners, etc.
    • All Purpose Cleaners or Degreasers: This refers to a vast category of products, which are developed for cleaning over various types of floors. Our selection includes variety of degreasers, which help remove stubborn grease or stains from the floor. Also, there are variety of wipes or cleaning sprays that can be used to effectively clean or wipe disinfectant surfaces. Many of these disinfectants leave a fresh aroma behind. 
    • Bathroom Cleaners: We provide industrial strength bathroom cleaners that help remove dirt and germs. We stock a wide selection in different fragrances, and strengths to suit your requirements.
    • Disinfectants: Disinfectants are designed to fight bacteria and mold that grows over surfaces. Our disinfectants will help keep your facility fresh and clean. These products are ideal for keeping your break rooms and cafeterias germ-free and safe.
    • Glassware Cleaners: As the name suggests, these cleaners are developed for cleaning glass surfaces. These cleaners are provided in aerosols or spray bottles. Most of our glassware cleaners are formulated to serve as degreasers or sanitizers.
    • Toilet Bowl Cleaners: These chemicals will help keep your private and public washrooms clean and fresh-smelling. We provide these cleaners in different sizes, as well as fragrances.

    Click on individual products to know more. For more information about chemical cleaners or other janitorial supplies, please contact us. 

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  • cleaning accessories

    Cleaning Accessories at JPC

    We have a huge variety of cleaning accessories available with us. They include the following:

    • Cleaning Kits and Dispensing Systems: We provide cleaning kits that include cleaning pads, cleaning spray kits, wall-mount dispensing system, window cleaning kits, and more. Some of kits come in a different shapes and sizes based on the applications for which they are used.
    • Plungers and Bowl Brushes: These accessories are mainly used to keep your toilets clean and hygienic. These accessories include toilet bowl mops, toilet bowl brushes, and holders, toilet bowl caddies, plungers, etc.
    • Restroom Cleaning System: These accessories are mostly used in restrooms. It helps keep the restroom clean and tidy. Different accessories of a restroom cleaning system include automatic door handle disinfectants, dust pan with a broom, color coded cloths, etc.

    JPC is known to provide high-quality products to its customers. Backed by several satisfied customers, we always try to make your online shopping experience better than the previous one. We also provide our customers with a 24/7 online ordering service, which is 100% secure.

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  • laundry products

    Laundry Products Available at JPC

    We have a vast variety of laundry products. Here are some of the products that we have:

    • Fabric Softeners: Fabric softeners are also referred to as fabric conditioners. They are either solids or solutions comprising electrically charged compounds, which make the fabric threads to stand up, thus making the fabric softer and fluffier. We provide both liquid, as well as solid fabric softeners.
    • Stain Removers: The name implies all. These laundry products are used to remove stains from clothes. Stain removers are directly applied over the stain, and then it is washed off to get rid of the stain. We stock a wide variety of stain removers, which includes stain remover pen, spray gel surface cleaner, laundry bar soap, solvent spot remover, and stain remover powder.
    • Baskets & Accessories: Also available in our stock are different types of laundry baskets and accessories such as laundry nets, and commercial step-on linen hamper bag. We also provide laundry nets, which are made from durable and synthetic material.
    • Detergents: Detergents are cleansing products that are water soluble. They make dirt more soluble in dilute mixtures, which makes it easier to get rid of it. You can find a huge variety of detergents available with us, in both solution, as well as powder form.

    JPC is known to provide only the best quality and branded laundry products. We have a huge base of satisfied customers. We have always worked hard to make the online shopping experience of our valued customer better. We provide our customers with a 24/7 online ordering service. 

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  • sponges and scrubbers

    Types of sponges and scrubbers

    There are several varieties of sponges and scrubbers found in Janeice products portal. Below are their descriptions.

    • Grill scrubbers: Grill scrubbers are designed to clean and remove toughest grease, and stains from grill grates. Janeice Products Co, Inc (JPC) provides different types of grill scrubbers including Royal griddle block, Scotch-brite quick clean griddle block, Scotch-Brite griddle pad holder, etc.
    • Sponges & Scouring Pads: Sponges and scouring pads are cleaning aids, which are used for cleaning various impervious surfaces. A sponge is made from soft, yet porous material, and is used for cleaning water or water-based solutions. Scouring pads are made from plastic or metal mesh, and used for scouring.

    Sponges and scrubbers are used on kitchen equipment, walls, ceilings, floors, desks and stairways. Janeice Products Co, Inc. (JPC) provides an unparalleled shopping experience to its customers. We offer 100% secure online shopping experience, and ensure shortest turnaround times. 

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  • sprayers and pumps

    Types of Sprayers and pumps

    Various types of sprayers and pumps available with us include the following:

    • Bottle Sprayers: The bottle sprayers are used in bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens etc. The sprayers feature versatile bottle necks, which allows them accept a wide range of trigger sprayers.
    • Drum Pumps: Drum pumps are the types of pumps used to empty large barrels, drums, tanks, etc. Many fluids used at processing and manufacturing plants are delivered in large barrels, and are very heavy to empty. They are emptied using drum pumps.
    • Tank Sprayers: Tank sprayers are used at agricultural plots and lands to spray herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers on crops. These tank sprayers are filled with degreasers, bug removers, lubricants, whitewall cleaners, tire dressings, window cleaners, etc.

    Janeice Products Co. Inc. (JPC) has a comprehensive selection of sprayers and pumps for a wide-range of applications. We assure quick delivery and attractive bulk prices on all our products.

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  • squeegees and washers

    Squeegees are tools with flat and smooth rubber blades. These tools are used to control the flow of liquid on a flat surface. These tools are regularly used for cleaning or in printing establishments. Squeegees AND washers are used to remove dirt, debris, and fluids on various surfaces. Janeice Products Co. Inc., popularly known as JPC, provides a vast range of sqeegees and washers that are used for variety of personal and professional cleaning purposes. These cleaning tools are from industry-leading brands, and offered at affordable prices.

    Squeegees and Washers Offered by JPC

    The following are some of the squeegees and washers in our selection

    • Window Squeegees: As the name suggests, these window cleaning tools are used to clean fluid or water from the window surfaces. These tools are used in homes to clean shower doors, garage floors, or bathroom tiles.
    • Washers: These are basically scrubbers made from soft dry clothes, which are used along with window squeegees to clean windows. All washers in our selection are designed for long term use and dependability. We provide a wide selection of brands or types for particular applications or needs. Scrims are one of the popular types used for cleaning or polishing surfaces. However, sleeves or strip washers include various materials, as well as fabrics, which are inserted over squeegees.
    • Utility Squeegees: These include various types of sanitary brushes and squeegees, which are used to clean kitchens, bathrooms, decks, and uneven surfaces. The sanitary brushes are durable, and enable long term use. We provides these items in various materials, types, and handle options.
    • Floor Squeegees: As the name suggests, these squeegees help remove dirt, debris, and fluids from smooth, grouted, or uneven surfaces. We stock a wide range of floor squeegees including straight blade, strip washer, floor scraper, and more.
    • Extension Poles and Handles: These include variety of extension poles and handles that are used to extend squeegees.

    You can click on individual product pages for more information. To know more about the squeegees and washers, please contact us at the earliest. 

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  • chemical specialty

    Specialty Chemical Offerings at JPC

    The following are some popular types of specialty cleaning products in our inventory:

    • Chalkboard/Whiteboard Cleaners: These chemicals are designed for cleaning whiteboards or chalkboards. Regularly used in classrooms and other industries, these cleaners helps restore cleanliness of the surface. We stock many non-inflammable, ammonia-free cleaners, which can be sprayed in any angle.
    • Coil Cleaners: We provide various types of coil cleaning agents to our industrial clients. These chemical cleaners are formulated with corrosion inhibitors, and are water-based. Also, these cleaners are inflammable, and can be sprayed in any direction.
    • Electronics Dusters: These are non-inflammable, but high-performance duster sprays, which are used to remove dust, dirt, and residues in electrical circuits. These sprays are used during sandblasting, and are formulated with high purity HFCs.
    • Rust Removers: As the name suggests, these specialty chemicals are used for removing rust from ferrous metals. These removers are formulated with heavy anti-corrosive components, which help remove rust and accumulated greases easily.
    • Urine Removers: These chemical cleaning agents are used to mask urine odors, and remove stains on surfaces like mattresses, and carpets. The urine removers are formulated for tough-to-clean surfaces.
    • Liquid Spill Absorbents: These cleaning agents are designed to absorb spills from floors. We sell these chemicals to grocery stores, restaurants and hotels, and hospitals, where there are high chances for accidental spills. These absorbents help remove stains, and absorb odors, too.

    To know more about any of the above mentioned specialty chemicals, please contact us at the earliest. 

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