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  • beverage mixes, sport

    Energy Drinks Offerings by JPC

    Below mentioned are a few energy drinks offered at JPC:

    ·         Immune defense drink mixes: Our immune defense drink mixes are loaded with essential nutrients, vitamins, zinc, and various kinds of antioxidants. These drinks boost immunity by building up defense system. The immune defense energy drinks in various flavors such as blueberry, citrus, raspberry, and tangerine.

    ·         Sports drinks: Sports drinks help to restore electrolytes lost due to sweat or excessive training. For the sports fanatics, it helps in restoring essential fluid balance within the body. Our sports drinks are offered in diverse flavors such as lemon lime, orange, riptide rush, and glacier mix. These sports drinks are low calorie alternatives.

    ·         Drink mixes & packages: Drink mixes are powdered sports drink mixes available in different quantity sachets. Our powder drink mixes help in accelerating the rehydration process of the trainers or athletes. These drink mixes offer amazing taste alongside great value. Some popular variants include riptide rush, mixed fruit punch, orange and lemony lime. We also offer drink mixes in compact pouches.

    ·         Activity drinks: Our concentrated activity drinks are available in PET bottles. These activity drinks are liquid concentrated activity drinks. The drinks are offered in various flavors such as orange, fruit punch, lime etc.

    Energy drinks are essential for people engaged in sports or having high metabolism. We at Janeice Products Co. Inc. (JPC) offer quality health drinks, keeping in mind the customer’s taste and requirement. To know more about our energy drinks or other food products, please contact us today.

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  • beverage mixes, bar

    Beverage Mixes Available at Janeice Products Co. Inc.

    Following are some best-selling beverage mixes that you can find at JPC:

    1. Iced Tea Lemonade Powder Stix – You can make a refreshing drink by adding the iced tea lemonade powder stix to your drink. These mixes dissolve instantly. With only 10 calories in the beverage mix, it can be your nice, healthy energy drink. We have Arizona® Arnold Palmer Half & Half iced tea mix available with us.
    2. Sparkling Juice – Sparkling juice is a beverage mix, which consists of all natural ingredients. It also contains sparkling water and fruit juice. Most importantly, it does not contain preservatives, refined sugar, or artificial flavors. This makes the drink healthy, and brings original taste of the ingredients. You can take these drink cans along with you on a hike. We are known to provide branded sparkling juice, from well-known brand IZZE® Fortified. The sparkling juice in available in three exciting flavors, including blackberry, clementine, and pomegranate.
    3. Diet Iced Tea – This beverage mix is specially made for all the diet-conscious people out there. This is a low calorie content beverage mix, which comes in different tasty flavors, such as lemon, peach, and raspberry. Make your iced tea healthy and enjoyable with this beverage mix.

    Janeice Products Co. Inc. has served a wide range of industries by providing a vast assortment of products. We are known to provide products at the most reasonable and competitive prices. Our experience has helped us build a good base of happy and satisfied customers. We only provide branded and high quality beverage mixes. We guarantee you a memorable and an unmatched shopping experience. You can select from a huge variety of beverage mixes available with us. We are known for providing the quickest turnaround times in the industry and address the client queries at the earliest. Are you interested in knowing more about the different beverage mixes and other products available with us at competitive prices? If yes, then give us a call today itself. You can get in touch with our professionals via phone on 877 655 3025. You can also mail us at

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  • healthy snacks

    Healthy Snacks Offerings by JPC

    The following are some healthy snacks provided by us. These snacks contain fewer calories, and favored by people of all age groups:

    ·         Granola bars: Granola bars serve as an important ready to eat meal. We offer granola bars from industry leading brands, such as includes Udi's™, Nature, and Kellogg. These bars are offered in diverse flavors such as chocolate, cranberry, almond, strawberry, and fruits and nuts. Our granola bars are gluten free, which makes them popular with people having gluten intolerance.

    ·         Gluten-free pretzels: Our pretzels are extremely healthy because they are gluten-free. Available in user-friendly packets, these pretzels can be enjoyed by kids and people of all ages.

    ·         Cereal bar: Cereal bars are loaded with fibers that provide energy throughout the day. Our cereal bars comes from industry leading brands. We provide cereal bars in diverse flavors. For example, Kellogg’s cereal bars are available in flavors like strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and apple cinnamon. Also, there is Nature Valley’s cereal bars in chewy strawberry and fruit and nut flavors.

    Reasons to Buy Healthy Snacks Products from JPC

    The following reasons give us a leading in the industry.

    ·         Quality Guarantee: Our products are sourced from top brands, which enables us give food product reassurance and quality guarantee.

    ·         Fastest turnaround times: The product inventory is daily updated. This means all the healthy snacks are already available with us. In addition to that, we have built industry-wide relationships, which help us offer fastest turnaround times.

    ·         Attractive discounts: We provide attractive discounts on bulk purchases. This allows our customers save on huge purchases.

    Are you skipping your breakfast or snacks due to lack of time? It’s time you try our ready-to-eat healthy snacks. These snacks will satisfy your appetite. To know more about healthy snacks and other food products, please contact us at the earliest. 

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  • cookies & sweet snacks

    Cookies and Sweet Snacks at JPC

    At JPC, we enable clients to select from the following:

    • Gluten-free Cookies: These sandwich cookies are ideal for people with gluten and celiac insensitivities. These Kosher certified cookies are available with vanilla and chocolate crème filling. We also offer chocolate chip cookies. Our gluten-free cookies make a great after-lunch treat.
    • Mini Snack Packs: These multi-pack snack packs are relished by people of all ages. Our mini snack packs feature various savory and sweet treats such as peanut butter, cheese, nutter butter bites, nilla wafers, and chocolate chips. All these treats are individually wrapped, which makes these snacks easy addition to lunch packs. Also, you can stock them at office cafeteria.

    Advantages of Buying from JPC

    The following are a few benefits of buying your gluten-free cookies and snacks from JPC.

    • We stock only industry-leading brands such as Glutino and Nabisco. These brands are FDA-approved, which means we can assure high-quality of our food products.
    • All snacks are provided in economic value packaging. This helps us serve our customers who want to purchase these snacks in bulk.
    • We stock snacks that appeal people of all age groups, and taste preferences. We prioritize health over anything. This helps us serve people with all types of sensitivities.
    • We offer attractive discounts on bulk purchases. This allows our clients to make huge savings.
    • Our comprehensive and diverse product inventory is updated every day. This helps us assure shortest turnaround times on all orders.

    Our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality has helped us build a long list of satisfied customers. To know more about our food products, and special price benefits, please call us on 877-655-3025. 

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  • salty snacks

    Different Snacks Provided by Janeice Products Co., Inc.

    JPC is known for providing snacks of different types from various well-known brands. Here are some best-selling salty snacks available with us:

    1. Grain Crisps – You can call these healthy chips or crisps. The grain crisps are not only lip-smacking tasty, but also nutritious and healthy. This snack item is low in calories, fats, and carbohydrates as compared to those contained in regular chips. This makes grain chips a good healthy bite option for snacks. We provide grain crisps in three different yummy flavors – jalapeno cheddar, simply sea salt, and aged cheddar.

    2. Potato Chips – This snack item is consumed in every corner of the world. It is one of the most common snack options for many. We have potato chips in different flavors, including sour cream and onion, barbecue potato, and sea salt potato. Potato chips from famous brand – Popchips are available with us.

    3. Nuts and Spices Bars – Nuts and spices bars from well-known brand – Kind, is available in our stock. It can be a great option for breakfast. It has a low sugar content, which makes it healthy, and low on calories.

    4. Cheez-It Crackers – This is a very famous snack manufactured by Kellogg company. It is a very delicious and irresistible snack item, which one just can’t stop eating

    5. Sandwich Cracker – Up for a healthy snack? The sandwich cracker from Keebler can be a good option for the health-conscious people. This snack item contains zero trans-fat and comes in club & cheddar, cheese & peanut butter, and toast & peanut butter variants.

    Janeice Products Co. Inc. stocks a vast variety of salty snacks for its food lover customers. We assure that the snacks provided by Janeice Products are of good quality and from well-known brands. Do you want to know more about the salty snacks, or other products that we provide? Please get in touch with our professionals at the earliest. You can call us on 877 655 3025, or email us at

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Breakroom food product offerings by JPC

Let us have a sneak peek of a few breakroom food products offered at our portal.

  • Beverage Mixes: Energy drinks, beverages and sports drinks are some popular rehydrating liquid food products offered by us. They all come in from leading industrial brands like PepsiCo or Italy Pombida. For example, Emergen-C® Original helps in boosting immunity with its vitamin and antioxidant rich formulation.
  • Cookies and Sweets Snacks: Cookies are one of the popular breakroom food products available with us. We provide gluten-free cookies from Glutino in chocolate and vanilla flavors. There are also snack packs with small portions of assorted cookie variants.
  • Instant Meals: Instant meals are ready-to-eat meals. These meals come in ready-to-serve microwaveable cups, and can be easily prepared within 5 minutes.
  • Healthy Snacks: These snacks are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, and offer a great taste. We provide several gluten-free snacks such as granola bars, pretzels, cereal bars, fruit and nut bars, etc.  
  • Salty Snacks: Our selection of salty snacks include various types of salty crisps in delicious flavors such as jalapeno, cheddar and sea salt. We also provide cracker sandwiches, pretzels, and nuggets.

Breakroom food products are essential for any organization to foster positivity. Janeice Products Co. Inc (JPC) offer food products, which help keep the office breakroom functional during the break time. We assure the shortest turnaround times on all our products. This is only possible due to our regular stock updates. 


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