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  • appliances

    Breakroom Appliances

    Breakroom supplies and appliances are essential for energizing the office environment. Janeice Products Co. Inc. (JPC) provides supplies and appliances for office breakroom. These supplies stimulate energy, and help boost the morale of employees.

    Breakroom Supplies Provided by JPC

    Our clients can order any of the following breakroom appliances that we provide:

    • Mini Coffee Station Refrigerators: These refrigerators are perfect for storing small milk containers, or items that your employees will need more often. These refrigerators have a cooling capacity up to 30 degrees below the ambient temperature. The detachable shelf within the mini coffee station refrigerator provides enough stocking space.
    • Tea Brewers: We stock tea brewers made from BPA-free plastic. The tea brewers are dishwasher, as well as microwave safe. This tea brewing machine allows speedy brewing.
    Benefits of Breakroom Supplies Provided by JPC

    Following benefits of our breakroom supplies make them popular with our clients:

    • Branded Products: We stock only products from leading brands in the USA. This helps us ensure high quality to the services. All our products are backed by a manufacturers guarantee.
    • Fast Turnaround Times: We provide fast turnaround times in the industry because our stock is refreshed every day. This helps our clients cut down their waiting time, and replenish their supplies at a faster rate.
    • A Wide Variety of Products in Any Category: We provide all important breakroom supplies in one category. This allows our customers to save their time and efforts.
    • Competitive Prices: We always ensure to provide our products at competitive prices. This allows our customers to save on their investments.
    To know more about any of our breakroom supplies or other products, please feel free to contact us at the earliest.

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  • candy

    Candy Offerings at JPC

    Here are some of the sweets or candies that we offer:

    1. Hard Candy: This candy is prepared from one or more sugar-based syrups. The sugar-based syrup is boiled to a temperature of 320 °F to make candy. There are a number of hard candies in our inventory including stick candy, aniseed twists, and lollipops, which are loved by people of all ages.
    2. Fudge Stripes:  The fudge stripes are special shortbread cookies that are baked to perfection. The shortbread cookies are coated with fudge made from real cocoa. You can easily select from a huge variety of delicious fudge stripes available with us.
    3. Chewy Candy: This candy gives your mouth some exercise. These chewy candies are indeed a tasty treat. If you have a desire for delicious fruit slices, you need a healthy dose of chewy salt water taffy. We have a variety of delicious chewy candies in various fruit flavors.
    4. Cookies: Cookies are sweet baked goods made from eggs, flour, oil, and sugar. Sometimes ingredients such as nuts, chocolate nuts, chips, and raisins are used to enhance their flavor. We stock cookies from leading brands.

    Other than the products mentioned above, we have a lot more to offer from famous brands such as M&M, Kellogg’s, Keebler, Nestlé, and more. Click on a candy to know more about it. Get in touch with us for more information.

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  • condiments

    Condiments are flavoring agents that help enrich flavor, visual appearance, and taste of food. Every break room should stock some basic condiments that help employees improve the flavor of their snacks, coffee, breakfast, or meals. Janeice Products Co. Inc. (JPC) provides an appreciable selection of branded condiments in varying proportions. These condiments will inspire employees to carry their homemade food to office, and share it with their colleagues. 

    Types of Condiments Provided by JPC

    We stock the following types of condiments:

    • Condiment Kits: This selection features various salt and pepper kits, fresh mustard packets, hot sauce packets, honey packets, etc. These condiment kits are sanitary, and possess easy to open designs. The condiment kits are all sourced from popular brands such as Diamond Crystal, Mind Reader Coin, Rosa Marca, etc.
    • Salt Packets: This selection features salt and pepper packets in varying net weights. These individual flat packets feature sanitary, and easy-to-use designs.

    Benefits of Buying from JPC

    The following benefits encourage customers to purchase their break room supplies from us:

    • Vast Selection of Condiments for All Tastes: We have included a vast variety of condiments including honey, hot sauce, fresh mustard, and coffee condiments. These kits are provided in varying package sizes. This allows customers to purchase a variety of condiments at one place.
    • 100% Hygienic: All condiments available in this category are from FDA approved brands. This helps us ensure that all products are hygienically packed. 

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  • beverage service

    Every organization needs one or other type of beverage equipment and beverage supplies to serve its employees and customers. Janeice Products Co. Inc. (JPC) provides beverage services supplies to its clients ranging from restaurants to other commercial organizations. Our food and beverage service supplies allow our clients to run their business smoothly.

    Types of Beverage Supplies Provided by JPC

    We allow our clients to outfit their restaurant, café, or convenience store by allowing them to shop beverage service supplies from our vast selection. We provide the following:

    • Bottled Water: We provide purified, bottled water from popular brands such as Crystal Geyser, Nestle, and Avanti Zerowater. Each package includes 24 – 78 bottles depending on the brand.

    • Cocoa, Coffee, and Tea: These supplies are provided in boxes. Each box features almost 50 packets each. We stock only these items from reputed brands such as Swiss Miss, Nestle, Lipton, and more.

    • Pitchers: These are used for beverage storage in restaurants, homes, and kitchens.

    • Coffee Stirrers: We stock branded coffee stirrers from Office Snax, GEN Coffee, Dispoz, and more. All our stirrers are made from high-quality plastic.

    • Creamers: These tea or coffee whiteners are provided in the form of liquids, or granular substances, and serve as the substitute for cream or milk. We stock brands such as Nestle, Office Snax, and more.

    • Filters: We provide basket style coffee filters, which provide a great coffee brewing experience. These filters have taller and stronger sides, which help avoid overflow.

    • Decanters: These are vessels used for decantation of a beverage containing sediments. These vessels are also used as serving dishes.

    With our vast stock growing each day, we are able to provide one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. You can contact us for more details on other restaurant beverage supplies that we provide. 

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  • food products

    Breakroom food product offerings by JPC

    Let us have a sneak peek of a few breakroom food products offered at our portal.

    • Beverage Mixes: Energy drinks, beverages and sports drinks are some popular rehydrating liquid food products offered by us. They all come in from leading industrial brands like PepsiCo or Italy Pombida. For example, Emergen-C® Original helps in boosting immunity with its vitamin and antioxidant rich formulation.
    • Cookies and Sweets Snacks: Cookies are one of the popular breakroom food products available with us. We provide gluten-free cookies from Glutino in chocolate and vanilla flavors. There are also snack packs with small portions of assorted cookie variants.
    • Instant Meals: Instant meals are ready-to-eat meals. These meals come in ready-to-serve microwaveable cups, and can be easily prepared within 5 minutes.
    • Healthy Snacks: These snacks are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, and offer a great taste. We provide several gluten-free snacks such as granola bars, pretzels, cereal bars, fruit and nut bars, etc.  
    • Salty Snacks: Our selection of salty snacks include various types of salty crisps in delicious flavors such as jalapeno, cheddar and sea salt. We also provide cracker sandwiches, pretzels, and nuggets.

    Breakroom food products are essential for any organization to foster positivity. Janeice Products Co. Inc (JPC) offer food products, which help keep the office breakroom functional during the break time. We assure the shortest turnaround times on all our products. This is only possible due to our regular stock updates. 

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Be it any organization, having good quality breakroom supplies is a must to keep employees happy. The breakroom supplies can consist of a vast variety of items, including paper products, dinnerware, tea, coffee, disposable utensils, etc. Janeice Products Co. Inc., which is also commonly called JPC, has a wide range of breakroom supplies. You can select from a huge variety of food products online and keep your breakroom fully stocked with all the necessities. This will give a message to your employees that you care for them and their needs.

Complete Breakroom Supply Solutions Provided by JPC

Here are some of the highlighted products that are available with us:

  1. Appliances: Under this section, we can provide you different electrical appliances, such as refrigerators. Employees can use these appliances for storing their food to eat / drink later that day. Other appliances are also provided by us. If you are unable to find the appliance that you are looking for, please write to us.
  2. Candy: Most people are candy lovers. Candies are also sometimes referred to as sweets or lollies. Candies belong to the category of sugar confectionary, which include chewing gum, chocolate, etc. We can provide you with a vast variety of candies, which can make the break time of your employees sweeter. We have candies from several well-known brands, such as Keebler, Kellogg’s, LifeSavers, Royal Dansk, M & M’s, etc.
  3. Beverages: Having a stock of beverages is equally important as other things in a breakroom. Beverages, such as coffee, bottled water, tea, along with items, like filters, coffee stirrers, and sugar should never go out of stock in a breakroom. These are the things that help employees rejuvenate during their break time. JPC can provide you various flavors in sport beverage – Gatorade, such as orange, lemon-lime, and fruit punch.
  4. Food Products: Apart from candies, and beverages, another important requirement of a good breakroom is different food products. Instant meals, salty snacks, cookies and sweet snacks are some online food products that we can provide you. Also, available with us are different types of sport beverage mixes, such as Emergen-C Immune +, Hawaiian Punch drink mix, and many more.
  5. Condiments: Under this category of products, we can provide you salt and pepper condiment set, white vinegar, mayonnaise packets, honey, pouches, tartar sauce, ketchup packets, etc. We stock condiments from a number of well-known brands, which include Office Snax, Diamond Crystal Flavor Fresh, Rosa Marca, Mind Reader, etc.

At Janeice Products Co. Inc., we do understand how important the quality of products you buy online is. With an experience of several years, the professionals at JPC have an extensive knowledge about the products available with us. We are known to provide only the best and high-quality breakroom supplies online to our clients from different industries. A wide variety of breakroom products available with us are sure to make your shopping experience memorable. To make your experience even better, we provide 24/7 online ordering service, which is 100% secure. To know more about the breakroom products or several other products listed on our website, please get in touch with our professionals at 8776553025. Alternatively, you can mail us your requirements at


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