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Can Liners

  • high-density

    Trash bags are used in every home and business facility to collect and transport trash. If you are looking for special trash bags to handle lightweight trash, then it is always better to use high density can liners. These high density trash bags are designed to handle trash like toilet tissue, paper towels, paper cups, or Styrofoam disposables. Janeice Products Co. Inc (JPC) supplies a wide range of branded high density trash bags to its customers. We provide fast turnaround times and attractive price benefits on all our trash bag products. 

    Beneficial Features of High Density Trash Can Liners

    Following are some of the beneficial features of trash can liners, which account for their popularity with our commercial customers.

    • High density can liners use less plastic than their low-density counterparts. This means they are cost-effective solution to meet your trash handling requirements.
    • These can liners are lightweight, but can handle heavy loads, which are not rough-edged.
    • We stock high density trash can liners with star bottom configuration, which helps in even weight distribution.
    • High density configuration helps avoid leakage by creating an excellent moisture and vapor barrier. This property makes it perfect for restrooms where soiled paper towels contain the majority of waste.
    • Many high density can liners in our selection have a wide temperature resistance from -40oF -212o F.
    • Our bulk price discounts allow our clients’ to stock high quality, high density trash bags for a long term use.
    • When stocked in bulk, these bags take up less space and are easily portable. The portability is also due to coreless roll packaging.

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  • recycle composition/repro specialty bags & liners

    Benefits of Recycling:

    Following are some of the benefits of recycling:

    • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
    • Helps in safeguarding the environment for future generations
    • Reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators
    • Prevents pollution
    • Saves energy

    Different Recycling Bags are Available at Janeice Products Co. Inc.:

    Here are a couple of items that are most used by recycling processes:
    1. Linear Low Density Trash Bags: Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) trash bags are strong and resistant to tearing and/or puncturing. The LLDPE trash bags stretch considerably before they rip or puncture. Thus, they are the bag of choice if the trash contains any sharp objects such as glass, sticks, bolts, or any other sharp object that could possibly puncture the bag.

      Advantages of Low Density Trash Bags:
      There are some advantages of using a low density trash bag. They are as follows:
      • Maximum stretch and puncture resistance
      • Multi-purpose applications
      • Most popular type of film used in the industry today

    2. Compostable Compost bags: Compostable compost bags are certified to EN13432. They help reduce the processing time at the composting plant, as they does not need to be split and removed prior to entering the treatment process. Since these bags can be easily lifted out of the outdoor trash bucket, it becomes easier for the collection operatives to collect the trash. Compostable compost bags have great potential, particularly in separate food waste collection schemes.

      Advantages of Compostable Compost bags:
      There are several advantages of using compostable compost bags:
      • No chemical components or petroleum-based products are involved in the manufacturing of compostable compost bags.
      • One gets the same results from compostable compost bags as those with the conventional polyethylene ones.
      • Compostable compost bags tend to decompose quickly. Thus, if it is consumed by any animal or it ends up in the water, it does less harm. The bags can also be composted.
      • The compostable compost bags are not made from oil-derived materials, but from renewable resources.

    Janeice Products Co. Inc. provides a wide range of specialty bags and liners, compostable compost bags, and more. Feel free to contact us, for more details on recycling bags.

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  • low-density

    Benefits of Low Density Garbage Bags

    The following benefits of low density trash bags make them popular with our customers:

    • The trash bags are constructed from high quality resin, which makes them puncture, and tear resistant.
    • These multi-purpose trash bags can be used to hold everything from food waste to yard trimmings, construction debris, and regular household waste. These reliable bags make cleaning very easy.
    • The bags are well-known for their durable, yet high flexible designs. This durability makes them an ideal asset to kitchen, outdoors, and wheeled trash cans. Being durable, these bags can withstand pointed objects, and tougher transporting conditions. Hence, they are used for transporting pointed objects between two destinations.
    • These bags are measured in MIL, which is 1/1000th of an inch. The low-density bags are available in various thicknesses from .30 to 2 MIL. Higher thickness count means a thicker bag. This ensures brilliant stretchable performance.
    • The low density can liners have a good load bearing capacity. 

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  • drawstring & kitchen

    Drawstring & Kitchen Trash Bags

    Drawstring garbage bags are one of the important types of trash bags used in home and restaurant kitchens to hold and dispose waste. Janeice Products Co. Inc.  (JPC) provides quality drawstring and kitchen trash bags to its customers.

    Beneficial Features of Drawstring Trash Bags at JPC

    Following beneficial features of our drawstring trash liners make them popular with customers:

    • Reliable: Our drawstring & kitchen trash bags combine reliability and simplicity. Our stock comprises branded tall kitchen drawstring bags, which are capable of handling the most demanding trash management jobs in the kitchen. The drawstring helps keep the trash in place, and allows a user to easily open and close the bag. All our drawstring bags make trash carrying and removal easy and secure.
    • Strength: Trash liner bags are required to survive tears, accidents, and rips in the kitchen. All our branded kitchen trash bags with drawstring closure are tested fit for kitchen uses. Our Glad quality trash bags feature diamond pattern, which stretches to accommodate more trash. This helps avoid rips or tears due to overstuffing. The strength bands included in the middle of the bag, and thick plastic construction helps avoid leakage, as well as wear and tear.
    • Versatility: Tall kitchen bags find several uses such as laundry bags, or storage bags for toys, shoes, sports equipment, etc. All our branded trash bags provide assured long term performance, which make them ideal for storing holiday decoration items, woolen clothes, etc.

    With our fast growing stock, we are able to meet our customers’ demands easily at a short turnaround time. You can contact us for more details on other kitchen bags that we provide. 

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Ensure Proper Garbage Management with Trash Can Liners

Trash can liners are placed inside a trash can for holding a variety of waste products. The waste material can be later thrown away along with the can liner once it is full. Also known as garbage bags, they are made of high-density plastic that is tear and puncture resistant. They have a strong load capacity, making them suitable for heavy waste items. 

Buy Trash Can Liners Online at Janeice Products Co. Inc.

At Janeice Products Co. Inc. you will find a variety of garbage bags and sturdy trash can liners to keep your home and workplace clean and orderly. Trash can liners come in flat packs, or easily dispensable rolls, and are generally offered in quantities of up to 1,000 liners per box. They are available in various colors, or in clear plastic.

Types of Can Liners Available at Janeice Products Co. Inc.

You can choose among the various sizes and thicknesses of the trash bags available at JPC:

  • High-density trash liners
  • Low-density trash can liners
  • Drawstring & kitchen liners
  • Recycle composition/repro/ specialty bags & liners

Choosing the Right Trash Can Liner for Your Needs

Following are the factors to consider when choosing the appropriate garbage bag for your facility:

  1. Material Strength of Trash Liner

·  High-density Polyethylene Bags:

o   Three times stronger than ordinary polyethylene

o   Best suited for soft trash in offices, restrooms, etc.

·  Low-density Polyethylene Bags:

o   Tear and puncture resistant

o   Great for refuse with sharp or pointy edges

  1. Correct Size

·  Bag Width: Use half the outer circumference of the garbage bin.

· Bag Length: Use the height plus half the diameter of the garbage bin bottom, then add 3ʺ for overhanging.

  1. Appropriate Weight or Gauge

· The maximum load rating mentioned in the liner product listing will help you determine what gauge of liner will be suitable for your applications.

  1. Suitable Color

·   Opaque liners are ideal for hiding unsightly trash in areas like hospitals.

·   Clear bags are usually used for recycling purposes.

·   Specialty bags with Biohazard symbols are essential for medical waste.

For more information and bulk order of trash can liners at JPC, call on our toll-free no. 877 655 3025 from Monday to Friday between 8 AM to 5 PM EST. You can also reach us via email at


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