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Adhesives, Sealants and Tapes

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    Adhesives, Sealants and Tapes Other

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  • Tape Products

    adhesive tape products

    Buy Adhesive Tape Products Online at Janeice Products Co. Inc.

    Janeice Products Co. Inc. (JPC) is one of the leading online marketplaces for all varieties of adhesive tape products in the USA. The adhesive tapes available at JPC deliver consistent quality for the toughest jobs, allowing you to focus on the more important jobs. Our adhesive tape products are perfect for a wide range of tasks including general repair and maintenance, bundling, joint sealing, patching, media protection, pipe wrapping, and heavy-duty box sealing.

    At Janeice Products Co. Inc., you will also find high performance duct tapes that are ideal for HVAC duct sealing. Our masking tape is best suited for indoor and outdoor construction and painting applications. They can also be used for light bundling, packaging, and labeling applications. We also have plumbing and electrical tapes that are well suited for sealing pipes, water hoses, and electrical wires and contacts.

    Range of Adhesive Tape Products Available at Janeice Products Co. Inc.

    At JPC, you will find the widest range of adhesive tapes that are used in infinite applications. Some of our popularly demanded adhesive tape products include:

    • Foil
    • Duct
    • PVC
    • Paper
    • Woven
    • Masking
    • Insulation
    • Acrylic Foam
    • Double Sided Tissue
    • Single and Double Sided Foam
    • Single & Double Sided Film (Polyester / OPP / PVC)

    Applications of Adhesive Tape Products

    We offer an extensive range of pressure sensitive tapes and adhesives online for a broad spectrum of applications and markets, such as:

    • Retail
    • Medical
    • Aerospace
    • Ventilation
    • Automotive
    • Manufacturing
    • Air conditioning
    • Surface protection
    • Splicing and laminating
    • Packaging and shipping
    • Building and construction

    For more information and bulk orders of our adhesive tape products, call on our toll-free no. 877 655 3025 from Monday to Friday between 8 am to 5pm EST. You can also reach us via email at

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  • Sealants


    Buy Sealants Products Online at Janeice Products Co. Inc.

    Janeice Products Co. Inc. picks out the best industrial sealants products, from the top American brands and offers them online. Large industries and businesses regularly buy sealants in bulk from us for their everyday needs. Hence, Janeice Products Co. Inc. sources a rich collection of sealing products like glues and epoxy, as well as dispensing guns like glue guns and caulk guns etc., along with a long list of other sealants online.

    Original Industrial Sealants Products for Concrete Results

    In order to mitigate issues pertaining to weak adhesive bonding solutions and the damage caused by them to your establishments, JPC provides 100% genuine sealants online. We provide a large selection of sealants like pipe thread and gasket sealants which include caulks, Teflon tape. We also have silicone sealant, spray foam sealants, and elastomeric acrylic caulk. Here you will find other sealant variants such as concrete, asphalt and cement sealing products.

    Why Choose Janeice Products Co. Inc. to Buy Sealants Products Online?

    Janeice Products Co. Inc. provides a prominent platform to buy a variety sealants at the best price, and in the most convenient way. When you buy sealants from Janeice Products Co. Inc., you get various product options and the best brands to choose from. The wide selection of sealants materials along with our unmatched delivery system, and an easy return policy, provides businesses and industries a one-stop solution for all their sealing solutions.

    Contact us today for more information regarding our assortment of sealants products. You can email us at  or call on toll-free no. 877 655 3025 from Monday to Friday between 8 am to 5pm EST.

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  • Adhesive Products

    adhesive products

    Advantages of Adhesives Products:

    Here are some of the advantages of adhesive products:

    • Enhanced Product Aesthetics
    • Improved Product Durability and Reliability
    • Increased Product Quality
    • Increased Product Performance
    • Improved Process Productivity and Reduced Manufacturing Costs
    • Increased Design Flexibility
    Buy Adhesive Products Online

    Here are some of the adhesive products available in our inventory, which provide superior performance and durability:

    1. Caulks: Caulks from JPC help seal the gaps in any material regardless of the application or industry. You can choose from a wide range of caulk equipment for all applications, particularly water-proofing.
    2. Dispensing Guns: We have a variety of dispensing guns, which ensure the precision and control while working with caulk or sealants. A hand-held glue gun offers quick coatings that are even, and free of messes.
    3. Glues: We stock different types of glue for the most delicate, as well as the toughest industrial applications.
    4. Tapes: As one of the leading suppliers of adhesive tapes, we have different types of tapes for almost every application. You can choose from electrical tape, foil, and duct tape from all the top manufacturers. We also have machinist's tape available for temporary adhesion.
    5. Threads Sealants: JPC is a source for thread sealants for wood, metals, and other types of materials. Important for systems that involve pressure and temperature, such as air compression, water, and heating, a sealant prevents gases or liquids from escaping through exposed joints. Apart from preventing leaks in threaded pipes, a sealant protects a plumbing system from contamination.

    There are a number of Adhesives and Sealant products available online at Janeice Products Co. Inc. To know more about these products, please get in touch with us.

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  • shipping supplies

    Buy Shipping Supplies Online

    E-commerce has resulted in many industrial and commercial items being bought online. These products need to be packaged for protection so that they will reach their destination without any defects. E-commerce sites and shipping require shipping supplies to ensure that the products are packaged properly for shipping. Janeice Products Co. Inc. (JPC) provides an array of shipping supplies online for industrial customers.

    Quality Shipping Supplies Online for Packaging and Protection

    We provide different types of shipping supplies in various designs, materials, and sizes. Each product is designed to fulfil specific requirements. Given below are some of the shipping supplies products customers can buy at JPC.

    • Corrugated Boxes: We provide different types of white mailers and corrugated shipping cartons. Both types of corrugated boxes are designed to absorb shocks and jolts, and are ideal for rough shipping or truck transport.
    • Bubble Mailers: These are FDA approved bubble mailers, which are used to package and protect fragile items. They are completely reusable, and are lightweight, which reduce shipping costs.
    • Carton Sealing Tape: We provide different types of carton sealing tape for general and heavy duty use. These include masking, Kraft sealing, and economical and heavy poly tape.
    • Tape Dispenser: Customers can avail handheld, table top, and metal filament tape dispensers. We also provide replacement dispenser blades.

    JPC provides a wide variety of adhesives and sealants products, which can be shipped in bulk to any part of the country. You can click on any shipping supplies to find out more information and technical specifications.

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Superior Grade Adhesives, Sealants, and Tape Products for Industrial Customers
Our range of adhesives, sealants, & tapes includes tape products, sealing products, adhesive products and much more. We at JPC Catalog, take immense pride in our ability to provide superior grade adhesives, sealants, and tape products to customers across multifarious industrial sectors. Whether your applications call for bonding substrates, repairing concrete or securing fastener assemblies, we have the right kind of tapes, adhesives and sealant products to get the job done quicker with immense efficiency. By providing products of unmatched quality, we have gained the trust of many customers in the market along with achieving a substantial competitive advantage.

Choose from over 1,000 Products in our Adhesive Subcategories

Each subcategory provides adhesive products in a variety of brands, sizes, quantities, giving you the freedom to find the optimum product for your requirement.

Adhesive Products: We offer over 200 types of adhesives, including spray or mist adhesives, epoxies, foams, resins, sealers, putties, and leveling compounds. The various adhesives offer many beneficial features, such as fast curing, high strength and temperature, compliance with VOC regulations, among others. You can also choose the adhesive product based on the quantity that you require for your application and storage.

Sealant Products: we offer over 400 different types of sealant products designed to meet your sealing requirements. Different types of sealant products like cartridges, pastes, pressurized tubes, threadlockers, etc., are available. Choose from a variety of specialized formulations of silicone, foam, rubber, and liquid, amongst others.

Tape Products: This is the largest subcategory in the adhesives section, with over 600 different commodities. We not only provide tape products, we also offer a variety of easy-to-use markers, dispensers, and applicators. You can choose the tape by brand, size, color, and material. Many tape products have beneficial features like water soluble, self-sticking, temporary as well as permanent adhesion.

We at JPC Catalog provide a wide product range that can meet the needs of multitude applications. Click on the subcategory to look for the right type of adhesive for your application. If you need more information, please feel free to contact us.


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