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    (Janeice Product offers an extensive range of abrasive products and materials for different types of fabrication requirements including:

    • Fibre discs
    • Control kits
    • Sanding discs
    • Abrasive rolls
    • Cut off wheels
    • Blending discs
    • Rubbing bricks
    • Dressing sticks
    • Grinding wheels
    • Abrasive test kits
    • Disc backup pads
    • Diamond abrasives
    • Flap discs and mops
    • Sandpaper rolls and sheets
    • Abrasive sharpening stones

    At JPC, you can buy abrasive products at the most competitive prices without compromising on their efficiency.

    Buy Abrasive Products for Your Workplace

    The increasing demand for high quality finishing has prompted the need for best in class abrasive materials. To meet the demands of the emerging market, JPC has further boosted its assortment of abrasive products and materials. This has only strengthened our reputation as the biggest online marketplace for abrasive products.

    What Makes JPC Excel with Abrasives in the Online Marketplace

    We offer a wide range of abrasives to help different industries carry out everyday tasks with ease and high levels of productivity. Moreover, we source only 100% original products from trusted brands and sellers. Also, our unmatched delivery system, and an easy return policy, encourages businesses and industries to buy abrasives for their workplace requirements in bulk. Highest quality products with the best price guarantee is the reason for JPC’s Success.

    If you require any more information regarding the abrasive products and materials offered on our platform, feel free to contact us. You can email us at  or call on toll-free no. 877 655 3025 from Monday to Friday between 8 am to 5pm EST.

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  • Bonded Abrasives

    bonded abrasives

    Buy Bonded Abrasives Online at Janeice Products Co. Inc.

    Janeice Products Co. Inc. offers the widest range of bonded abrasives at the most competitive prices. Our assortment of bonded abrasives online includes:

    • Grinding Wheels
    • Diamond Wheels
    • Polishing Wheels
    • Polishing Stones

    Things to Consider When Buying Bonded Abrasives Online for Your Applications

    There are certain technical aspects to consider when buying bonded abrasives online for your application needs that include:

    • Type of Abrasive Grains: Aluminum oxide is the most commonly used industrial mineral for bonded abrasive. It is used either individually or along with other materials to create abrasive ceramic grains. It can also be combined with crocus and emery to produce abrasive materials for finishing processes. Other types of abrasive grains used in bonded abrasives include
      • Garnet
      • Silicon carbide
      • Tungsten carbine
      • Alumina-zirconia
    • Grade of Bonded Abrasive: Grade is the strength of the bond between the abrasive grain and the grinding wheel.
    • Wheel Structures: The structures of grinding wheel ranges from open to dense. The choice of wheel structure varies depending on the grinding operation. The wheel structure also depends upon:
      • The area of contact
      • Type of material being ground
      • Finish required
      • The rate of stock removal
    • Bonding Material: Bonding materials are used to hold abrasive grain particles together. Following types of bonding materials are used in bonded abrasives.
      • Electroplated or brazed metal bond materials are used between the abrasive grains and the grains of a metal substrate.
      • Low-strength bonding materials such as silicate are used in bonded abrasives for reducing heat generation. However, they lack the durability of resinoids.
      • Reinforced bonds like fiberglass mesh help improve the structural integrity of abrasive grain particles and bonded abrasives.
      • Some bonded abrasives also use a resin, shellac, glass, or rubber bond system between the abrasive grains.

    If you require more information regarding the buying bonded abrasives onlinel, feel free to contact us. You can email us at  or call on toll-free no. 877 655 3025 from Monday to Friday between 8 am to 5pm EST.

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  • Coated Abrasives

    coated disc abrasives

    Buy Coated Disc Abrasives Online at Janeice Products Co. Inc.

    Janeice Products Co. Inc. (JPC) offers the widest range of coated disc abrasives online at the most competitive prices. Our selection of coated disc abrasives includes:

    • Ply Discs
    • Flap Discs
    • Fiber Discs
    • Ceramic Discs
    • Abrasive Belts
    • Flaps and Mops
    • Abrasive Sheets
    • Abrasive Cloth Rolls

    The various types of grains used in coated disc abrasives include silicon, carbide, zircon, sintered aluminum oxide, emery, flint, etc. Each type of abrasive grain has unique properties, thus it is important to consider your application needs before buying abrasive producs online. Also, the size and geometry of each abrasive product differs depending on the application requirements.

    If you require any more information regarding the coated disc abrasives offered on our online portal, feel free to contact us. You can email us at, or call on toll-free no. 877 655 3025 from Monday to Friday, between 8AM to 5PM EST.

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  • Non Woven Abrasives

    non woven abrasives

    Industrial Non woven Abrasive Products at Janeice Products Co. Inc.

    Janeice Products Co. Inc. (JPC) is a leading online marketplace that sources and supplies only 100% original abrasives from the most trusted brands in America. At JPC we have industrial non woven abrasives in a variety of abrasive options, different grit sizes and various backing materials. These options provide the user with versatile and superior abrasive products for different finishing applications.

    Characteristics of Industrial Non woven Abrasives

    Industrial non woven abrasive products have an open mesh construction, and are pre-formed to conform to unique-shaped work pieces. The non-aggressive nature of nylon and grit  in these products makes them ideal as a finishing tool. The following characteristics make them useful for numerous finishing tasks in various industries:

    • Washable
    • Resilient
    • Non-rusting
    • Non-loading
    • Non-metallic
    • Conformable
    • Non-conductive

    Applications of Industrial Non woven Abrasives

    Industrial non woven abrasive products are specifically designed for applications, where stock removal is not required. Typical applications of the industrial non woven surface finishing belts and other products available at JPC include light to heavy-duty finishing tasks such as:

    • Cleaning
    • Blending
    • Polishing
    • Finishing
    • Deburring

    Advantages of Industrial Non woven Abrasives Available at JPC

    Non-woven discs are used in wet and dry applications, and offer the following advantages that make them excellent alternatives to set up wheels, bristle brushes, steel wool, and greaseless compounds:

    • Time savings
    • Less maintenance
    • Increased productivity
    • Reduced operator training
    • Consistent and uniform finish
    • Greater safety than other methods
    • Automation of finishing operations
    • Conformability to irregular surfaces
    • Controlled cut without stock removal
    • Minimal discoloration of the workpiece
    • Heat dissipation through the open mesh design

    If you require abrasives like non-woven hand pads and stars for your finishing applications, you are at the right place. Browse the extensive list of industrial non woven abrasives available here to find the one ideal for your needs.

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  • Wire Brush Abrasives

    wire brush abrasives

    Buy Wire Brush Abrasives Online

    Janeice Products Co. Inc. has an extensive range of wire brush abrasives online to cover your metal finishing needs. You can buy from a wide selection of products, including:

    • End Brushes
    • Disc Brushes
    • Strip Brushes
    • Tube Brushes
    • Hand Brushes
    • Wheel Brushes
    • Cylinder Brushes
    • Knotted Wire Cup Brushes
    • Crimped Wire Cup Brushes
    • Crimped Wire Wheel Brushes

    Characteristics of Wire Brush Abrasives Available at Janeice Products Co. Inc.

    Abrasive wire brushes are available at JPC in wide face cylinder or power brush format. They impart the benefits of an abrasive while offering the flexibility and conformability of a brush. We offer a selection of different grit sizes to control finish and functionality for various metal finishing tasks.

    The filaments of these brush abrasives are made of heat stabilized abrasive grains that are coextruded into these brushes. This configuration provides flexible and homogeneous wire brush abrasives, with approximately 30% abrasive loading effect depending on its weight.

    Factors to Consider Before Buying the Perfect Wire Brush Abrasives

    There are certain factors to consider for buying ideal wire brush abrasive for your applications. These include:

    • Grain sizes
    • Grain types
    • Loading type
    • Diameter of the filament
    • Safe free speed recommended by manufacturer

    Typical Applications of Wire Brush Abrasives

    The wire brush abrasives available online at Janeice Products Co. Inc. are commonly used in the following applications:

    • Edge blending
    • Light deburring
    • Finishing for appearance
    • Roughening for adhesion
    • Cleaning rust, scale, and dirt
    • Finish preparation prior to plating or painting

    If you want to buy wire brush abrasives online for your finishing applications, you have come to the right place. For more information and trade enquirers, call on our toll-free no. 877 655 3025 from Monday to Friday between 8 am to 5pm EST.

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Buy Assorted Abrasive Products and Tools Online for Industrial Applications

JPC Catalog provides a variety of abrasive products online for use in many industrial applications. Our range includes bonded abrasives, coated abrasives, wire brush abrasives, and non-woven abrasives. For applications in aerospace and foundry, to woodworking and tool rooms, you will find the world’s most exhaustive range of abrasive products online at JPC Catalog.

You will find us to be the best partner for industrial product supplies, as we keep a huge inventory consisting of a wide array of abrasives ready to be shipped worldwide. With meticulous support of skilled personnel, and efficient logistics and supply chain networks, we make sure that your orders are delivered at your doorstep on time. From inception, we have been dedicatedly providing top rated products and services at reasonable prices using the most effective means of delivery.

Find the Product You are Looking for in our Abrasive Subcategories

Each subcategory gives you the opportunity to buy the best abrasives online, which will be suitable for your application.

  • Bonded Abrasive: We provide resin bonded abrasives in discs as well as in vitrified form. This ensures less noise and vibrations in an application. We provide ceramic abrasives as well as abrasive grinding and cutting wheels. Bonded abrasive products are available in various sizes. Some discs are threaded for easy replacement, and do not require backup pads. However, they should not be used on tools without guards.
  • Coated Abrasive: Like bonded abrasives, coated abrasives are also disc shaped. They are manufactured either with or without phenolic backing. Phenolic is a synthetic polymer resin, which is placed on the bottom side of the disc. This adds to the abrasive’s stability, flexibility, and durability in applications.
  • Non-Woven Abrasive: JPC Catalog offers non-woven abrasives that are ideal for general use. They can be used in a variety of applications and with different materials. Non-woven abrasives are provided with reinforced backing, which provides good flexibility. They can be used on oscillating sanders, and orbital and dual action hand tools. They can support the use of these tools to work on hard-to-reach-areas.
  • Wire Brush Abrasive: We provide abrasive wire brushes in tube, shoe handle, flat back, and toothbrush types. We also offer crimped wire cup brushes, crimped wheel brushes, and twisted cable wheel brushes. All of our wire brush abrasives are non-sparking, non-magnetic, corrosion resistant, and free of beryllium.

Click on the subcategory to buy online right type of abrasive product for your application. If you need more information, please feel free to contact us.


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