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Rigid Pipe Wrenches When You Demand Quality

When it comes to dependable wrenches, there’s no better choice than the quality craftsmanship and dependability of Rigid pipe wrenches! These flawlessly designed wrenches are sturdy and made from cast-iron housing that ensures Rigid pipe wrenches to last! At, we carry a wide variety of Rigid pipe wrenches, that are sure to help you get the job done time after time. With a lifetime warranty, Rigid pipe wrenches are sure to replace any other pipe wrench you currently own.

Whether looking for straight pipe Rigid pipe wrenches, which feature replaceable hook and heel jaws, instant grip and release, heat-treated and durable replaceable jaw, easy spin nonstick adjustment nut for ease of adjusting, and floating forged hook jaw, or rap wrenches, there’s no better choice than Rigid pipe wrenches. Not only will you find high quality and dependable Rigid pipe wrenches at, but we also carry the amazing Rigid copper cutting & prep machine for any of your copper tubing installation needs.

Pipe wrenches are undeniably important tools that should be in every tool kit. Whether working in the plumbing field professionally, or a skilled handy man, pipe wrenches are sure to come in handy! Rigid pipe wrenches are trusted by industry professionals as well as hobby handy men alike and are sure to satisfy! If you look for dependability and quality in your tools, there’s no better choice than Rigid pipe wrenches. When you find yourself in a sticky plumbing situation, you can take solace in knowing you’re using Rigid pipe wrenches! Rigid takes pride in its reputation of providing the absolute best pipe wrenches and other tools, and there’s no better place to find Rigid pipe wrenches than

When it comes to finding the best plumbing supplies, has you covered. From our selection of high quality Rigid pipe wrenches and copper cutting machines, to our selection of pipe freezing equipment, is your plumbing supply super store. When it comes to quality, our selection of brands can’t be matched. We’re proud to carry Rigid pipe wrenches that are sure to last you a lifetime. With the most exceptional prices on Rigid pipe wrenches and other plumbing supplies, there’s no better choice than