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Marking Tools: What You Need to Know

In the world of construction, finding the appropriate marking tools is absolutely necessary. No matter the size of the job, construction is filled with instances that require marking. Situations like mapping out where to make cuts, highlighting zones from which to steer clear, and drawing out plans for future work all call for specific and unique marking tools. Other circumstances, such as when tools, buildings, or pavement need to be marked, necessitate the proper marking tools as well. Here is a handy guide to help you determine the best tool for the job.


When marking wood, drywall, or other flat surfaces, pencils are the most popular marking tools. The carpenter pencil, one of the most popular marking tools in construction, is one of the oldest pencil types. Featuring an elliptical body to prevent it from rolling away, the carpenter pencil has softer lead than a normal writing pencil. Its non-round lead core allows the user to draw not only thick lines, but also thin lines when turned a certain way.

Chalk is another great tool when it comes to marking large surfaces. Primarily used for making notes on walls and pavement, chalk is a handy tool for making non-permanent, easily visible large markings. Also in the vein of chalk is the highly useful chalk reel, or chalk line. This device works by pulling a chalk dust-coated string taut across a large surface. The string is then plucked, allowing the chalk dust to remain on the surface.


Working on a construction project means more than just creating instructional marks on surfaces. Personal tools can often become mixed in the shuffle; that’s why it is important to clearly label all tools. Using a compact label printer, you can easily create personalized labels for all your tools, ensuring that your toolkit won’t go missing. These labels can also be generated to keep workspaces, toolboxes, and shelving units organized.

Other important items that are useful as a means of keeping your personal workspace organized are tags. Tags can be found in a variety of styles. For mobile worksites or temporary working environments, magnetic write-on tags are ideal. These tags can be customized with either permanent or wet erase markers and they have a strong magnetic backing, allowing them to be placed on nearly any metal surface.

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